Monday, August 18, 2008

Vacation inspiration...

Well, July and the beginning of August has been interesting and not boring at all. My husband received a promotion, we had to move, switching from cable to satelite internet, the children are starting virtual school (rather than regular pubic school), and then we take a vacation. A Disney Cruise.

It's a very family oriented attraction, but that didn't mean my mind stayed PG :P My brain had all sorts of fun with the yummy eye-candy of both the employees (loved the variety of accents) and the daddys that were chasing their kids around. *lol* Top it off with the scenery of the Bahamas and Castaway Cay -- Mmmm, the lifeguards were delicious -- well, it was a great inspiration for a brain dead muse. It's amazing the scenerios one can come up with as you lounge in the sun, drink in hand, and little worries. :D Good thing I had my voice recorder handy.

Oh, and with the move I've made, it means a new mall...and I have a Waldenbooks!!! My new favorite store. I met the Asst. Manager today and she's a lover of yaoi and gay fiction. She tries to keep some M/M fiction when she can from publishers like Samhain and such. Which I bought an Ally Blue book today *whoo hoo* We've traded emails and plan to keep in touch. Those type of contacts are a good thing all around.

Well, I'm glad to be back and hope to get back into my routine again.
Oh, and send all good thoughts toward me as Tropical Storm Fay is supposed to pass right through my area tomorrow *sigh*

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