Thursday, August 7, 2008

What we do for love...

My guy is a biker (well me too). He's been wanting some bling for his rod for a while and his birthday's coming up. So I've spent the last 2 hours at various sport and automotive places, 'cause, you know, all the peices can't be at one place. Mototoys (the skull valve caps), the Harley Dealer (smoke lenz replacements for the turn signals), Kragan (specialty license plate frame), PepBoys (magnetic decals) and auto dept at WalMart (the skull license plate bolts to go with the frame carried at Kragan but not at WalMart).

Thank god I love him.


Lily said...

Thank God for true love ;) Happy B-Day to your biker guy. Sounds like it will be a real good birthday for him.

Emily said...

Now that is what I call true love! Bike bling galore!

He is a very lucky guy. ;-)

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