Sunday, August 3, 2008

work in progress

I woke up this morning with personal and family issues on my mind and realized I had absolutely nothing to post about regarding pretty boys! Therefore, I dug out the novella I'm working on and chose a snip for you to read. It's as yet untitled, but this thing will eventually be the sequel to Tinder, available at Torquere Press.

Chris and Morgan are back, and as argumentative as ever...


“But I left mine at Station 16 when I worked overtime two days ago.”

“How is that my problem, Mr. Matthews? Go and get the damn thing. You’re off today.” Morgan’s voice was harried and rushed over the phone. “I have a class starting in four minutes.”

Chris glared at Morgan’s laptop on the kitchen table. The guy had the fucking thing password-protected all of a sudden -- or maybe it had always been like that and Chris never noticed or cared -- and Morgan was refusing to give him the password.

“Station 16 is a thirty minute drive! Why do they even keep that station in Oceanside’s district? It’s all the way over on the south side. Seems to me like they should just go over to Carlsbad or something.”

Morgan made a frustrated noise into the phone. “Christopher. It’s not my fault you forgot your laptop at work. Mine has the next month’s schedules and classes and rookie sheets all laid out on it and I haven’t backed it up. One little accidental deletion and I’ve got six captains giving me shit for fucking up their crews’ classes.”

“Oh, for Christ’s sake, Morgan! I won’t screw up your precious schedules. I know how to use a fucking computer. All I want to do is check my email to see why the new helmet I ordered isn’t here yet. The package delivery sucks.” Chris poked at Morgan’s laptop again but had no success, password-wise. “What’s the password? ‘Chris has a big dick’?”

“Close. Substitute ‘is’ for ‘has’ and you’ve got it. I have to go, I’ll be home early.” Morgan disconnected and Chris would bet a large sum of money that he turned his phone off, too.

Chris glared at the phone and threw the cordless down on the table. He slammed down the lid of Morgan’s computer and went to find his keys. After that argument, he needed a drive or a ride.

Ride won out over drive, so Chris’ truck remained in the driveway as he pulled out on his motorcycle. Hopefully the trip to Station 16 and back would clear his head and remind him that Morgan didn’t mean to sound like Chris couldn’t handle using Morgan’s laptop without fucking something up. It had just come out that way accidentally.

Sure. Chris couldn’t contain an eyeroll.


This little baby will be out early in 2009 (hopefully January) and you can buy Tinder now, to help you get ready. :D


Lily said...

Tory, thanks for the snip on Chris and Morgan. I loved Tinder, as well as Heat, Flashover and your other books that I've read. Looking forward to reading the book when it comes out ;)

Tory Temple said...

Thanks so much, Lily! My next release is part of an anthology due out in November, so watch for some really cute college boys to make an appearance around then.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the snipper Tory. I love how argumentative Chris and Morgan are. I'm pretty much like Morgan when it comes to my computer. Do.Not.Touch LOL.

Though I wonder if his password is Chris related anyway ;)

Tory Temple said...

Most of Morgan's life is Chris-related, though he'd be the last one to admit it. :D

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