Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bond. James Bond.

So the hubby, the boy-child and I went to see Quantum Of Solace Friday night. We re-watched Casino Royale Thursday night in preparation. Which was a very good thing because otherwise I probably would've been lost. Er. Loster. More lost. Because frankly, the plots of both movies are a bit too dense and fast-moving for my poor brain O_O

Whatever, doesn't matter. I absolutely LOVED both movies. Casino Royale more so, because the Doomed Lurve plot really appealed to me. But the main reason I love them is the character of James Bond. I am finding that I prefer this new interpretation of Bond to the old one. The suave ladies man with the cool gadgets was neat in his own way, and of course Connery and Goldfinger are classic. I just find the stone-cold-killer Bond to be much more interesting. Daniel Craig takes the colder, deadlier Bond introduced by Pierce Brosnan and runs with it. Craig's Bond is one freakin' scary dude. I like that. IMHO, a guy with a license to kill SHOULD be scary.

Before anyone asks, no, that smokin' hot bod has nothing to do with it!

Okay, maybe a little. What can I say, the man fills out those Dr. No-style swim trunks veeeeery nicely *g*

What about it, y'all? Do you like the new Bond? Do you prefer classic Connery? Or smooth-and-slightly-campy Roger Moore? Or impossibly handsome Pierce Brosnan? Or hey, even the Sensitive Bond, Timothy Dalton? C'mon, I know you have an opinion, put it on out there :D


Anonymous said...

I like Craig's Bond, as you said, more cold and calculating but I haven't seen the new movie yet, I have a business trip coming so not sure when I'll see it. I liked Sean Connery (still do :-) ) but Craig is good.

Ally Blue said...

Yeah, I will always love Sean Connery (in Goldfinger especially; LOVE that movie), but Craig is my new favorite Bond :D

Hope your business trip goes well!

K.A. Mitchell said...

What? No love for George Lazenby? The Bond who actually got married?

Roger Moore amused me. I loved Pierce Brosnan so much that I admit I haven't seen the new Bond. Though, since Craig has said he thinks there should be a m/m scene because Bond would totally do that, I might have to change my tune.

My favorite Connery Bond was in You Only Live Twice.

One of my favorite Bond arguments is when the three nerd-villains were arguing in season six of Buffy. Warren: "Moonraker was inexcusable."

Ally Blue said...

OMG I totally forgot about George Lazenby! I'm so ashamed! Sob.
And I totally agree about Moonraker. Even my teenage self could not buy into that one.

Craig has said he thinks there should be a m/m scene because Bond would totally do that
Okay, I have to read that. Linkage? Please please?
so... many... hot... mental... images....

K.A. Mitchell said...

I emailed the friend who sent me the link back when we were arguing over Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan. I hope she still has it. But I know I didn't imagine it. :D It was a very compelling argument on her side.

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