Monday, November 10, 2008

Some excerpts

I recieved great news this weekend by getting a recommended read for Dragon Riders 2: Reluctant Hearts from Loose-Id, but it's a M/F book, so it doesn't really fit here. But I'm still flying high on that news. :D

Time is flying so fast, I can barely keep up. There's NaNo this month (how many are doing it?), edits, the holiday season has begun and before we know it, it'll be Christmas! *yes, I said the C-word lol*
Speaking of Christmas, I have two holiday books being released the beginning of December and thought I'd drop off a couple little excerpts of one.

No Ordinary Holiday
by Marty Rayne
Genre: Contemporay/Menage a trois (M/M/F)
Release date: Dec. 8, 2008 at Phaze

As a descendent of Kris Kringle, a.k.a. Santa Clause, Devyn Rhodes has been bestowed with special abilities her family has coined as the gift. Only her late husband and those of blood relation has ever given her reprieve from the flashes and noise that surrounds her. That is until Cam and Jacob come knocking on her door. The silence aside, her unusual attraction to both men is almost overwhelming as the gift can be.

What’s a woman to do when she’s snowed in with two arousing men and lust comes calling?

“You all right, Cam?” Jacob asked as he added another log to the fire. Devyn was in the kitchen. She’d insisted that she didn’t need any help. “Did something happen after I left?”

Cam refused to meet his eyes.

“Come on, man. This day’s been crazy enough. My poor mind is a scramble trying to figure out what the hell is happening.”

“Just tired. It’s been a long day.”

Bullshit. Jacob clenched his teeth. They were best friends. Told each other everything. Well, almost everything. He was guilty of not telling Cam about his desire or the dreams of making love to his best friend. Otherwise, they were five by five. Holy shit, he’d just used a term from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This wasn’t good. His brain was turning to mush by the minute. And if he didn’t get sex soon…well, he didn’t know what would happen, but he’d be happy with some sort of release.

See, now he was sounding like Cam in his sluttish mode. Strange how he was a jumbled mess and Cam was the responsible, sullen one. Yes, the Earth was coming to an end.

“I’m going to check on Devyn.” He stood and walked toward the kitchen leaving Cam to stare at the fire. He didn’t need a light. Between the lamp she’d taken and the fireplace and lamp in the den, he had plenty of light to see where he was going.

He’d officially fell down the rabbit hole. First, Cam being closed lip and gazing off into who knows where, and now Devyn. With butter knife in hand and the fixings for roast beef sandwiches all around, she didn’t appear to notice she was in the middle of a task. Her striking dark eyes glazed over, lost in thought.

He was beside her before he spoke. “Dev?”

She startled. “Huh? Oh, Jacob, you scared me.” She appeared to study him with an interested expression. “Did you just call me Dev?”

Had he? “Uh, yes, I think I did. I’m sorry. It just came out.”

“No, no. That’s okay.” She smiled. The first one in a while. “I like it. No one’s ever called me that.”

His brow rose. “Really? Well, then, how can I not please you?” His head leaned closer to hers until his mouth was only a couple of centimeters from her ear. He only had to stick out his tongue to taste her.

“I’m still stunned,” Jacob muttered and rubbed the back of his neck.

“You and me both, babe. But I’m not going to argue.” Cam took Jacob’s hand and gave it a squeeze. “You ready to give our scheming woman a show?”

“More than ready.”

Cam flashed Jacob a smile and hoped his teeth didn’t start chattering with nervous excitement. He reached out and let his fingers smooth down the front of Jacob’s shirt. Thankfully, his hand trembled only slightly.

“Do you know how long I’ve waited to do this?” Cam whispered.

Jacob let out a shaky laugh. Cam was glad that he wasn’t the only nervous one.

“But this isn’t the first time you’ve undressed me.” His voice was deep and husky.
Cam’s eyes widened slightly as the memory resurfaced. A night not long after they met. They’d just finished with college mid-terms and decided to let loose by going to some frat party. Jacob, who rarely drank, had overindulged. Cam was the one who’d dragged him back to the dorm room between bouts of vomiting.

Yes, Cam remembered that night very clear. That was the first time he’d seen Jacob completely exposed and discovered his friend’s occasional joy of going commando when he got an itch to be naughty.

“And I’ve had fantasies of you since that night.”
Jacob placed a hand over Cam’s. Their gazes locked and Cam knew Jacob was remembering what almost happened that night. That was then. This is now and there would be no stopping tonight.

Jacob let go of his hand and Cam’s fingers started releasing the buttons on the shirt. Disappointment edged through his lust when he revealed the wife-beater Jacob wore under his shirt. He’d anticipated skin to caress and kiss.

When Jacob shrugged out of the shirt, Cam tugged the bottom of the wife-beater from his pants. The tips of his fingers ran along the waistband. Jacob shivered, giving Cam a feeling of empowerment and renewed awe that his best friend had sexual feelings toward him.

“Please,” Jacob groaned softly.

“I thought we were going to give Devyn a show?”

Cam and Jacob turned their gazes to the woman who’d made this all possible. She was still standing in front of the roaring fire, but her gaze was concentrated on his hands. As if waking from a trance, realizing that they weren’t continuing, she blinked and looked up.

“Has anyone ever told the two of you that you look beautiful together?”

Cam’s eyebrow shot up and glanced at Jacob. They both shook their head.

“Well, you are.” She smiled and moved to sit on a pile of pillows. Her hands made a shooing gesture. “Go on. I’m sure there’s more fun things to do no matter how nice you too look.”

“She’s got a point,” Jacob chuckled.

Cam nodded, his throat closed with unnamed emotion.

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