Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Still in the throes of NaNoWriMo

D'you remember how I talked, in October, about my two ideas for NaNoWriMo and how, whichever one I went with, hot m/m sex would occur? . . .

Yeah. Not so much.

Okay, I did write a 3K short story that was sweet and spicey like a really good mole sauce, you know? (That one will be available for free starting sometime in December, I think. It was for Samhain's call for holiday short stories. When it's up, I'll let you know.) But the heroes of the novel I'm working on just haven't had a chance to get together yet. 51.5K words in. ::sigh:: Okay, okay. They've only known each other for, like, a week and a half. And one of them is actually working for the other on a short-term job. And they've been too busy living their individual lives to do anything more than think about the other in mildly lascivious ways. I take heart in the fact that at least each knows the other is gay. That's a start, right? I mean, at least they each know there's a chance the other might be interested in him. I'm also taking heart in the fact that I passed 50K on this puppy without having to pad my word count with sex. That's pretty surprising, frankly, and I'm a bit proud of it. But still... WHERE'S THE SEX, BOYS? Honestly. I have got to get this damned ghost moved along its etherial path so that Ben and Todd can finally get it on.

And my CP thinks this is going to turn out to be the first of a series? Gods help us all.


K.A. Mitchell said...

Oh Maia, I feel your pain. If my characters didn't have history, they'd still be just staring and making suggestive comments to each other. I've never had to shove them into bed before. (They didn't make it to bed, though. Just to the wall.)

Maia Strong said...

LOL! At least your boys made it to the wall. ;) I just discovered some back story on one MC that his best friend told me today. And so now I need to go back at some point and plant hints so that it doesn't come out of nowhere for the eventual readers. Why she couldn't have told me all this three weeks ago...gah!

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