Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Drive-by Posting

I'm plugging away on my NaNoWriMo novel, or NaNovel as I like to call it for simplicity's sake. Gay paranormal investigators based in Seattle. So far there has been some rain, a little baseball, and a whole lot of coffee. But sadly no sex yet. I'm a little disappointed in my MMCs. I trust they'll get there eventually, but right now, with the whole business relationship thing, MMC1 feels it would be unprofessional to ask MMC2 out. Dear me and damn his ethics any way.

23,637 words and counting...


K.A. Mitchell said...

Damn his ethics! I hate that when characters get on their high horses. You will do what I command for I am your God!

Maia Strong said...

I tried telling him that, but he just looked at my with those electric blue eyes and I admit I caved. *hangs head in shame*

On the other hand, I went and wrote a little Solstice smut for some other characters, so I'm not feeling so deprived any more.

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