Saturday, November 8, 2008

"Coming" Attractions

Still awaiting the release of my omnibus novella, Excitable Gals, featuring the MMF story "Leading Lady", from Loose ID. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to a few hot M/M works due to launch this weekend. If you're into historical or futuristic stories, you may wish to pick up some of these titles from Phaze Books on Sunday:

The Edge of Nothingness by Shayne Carmichael

Here's the blurb: At the age of ten, Zach witnessed the death of his mother and the kidnapping of his sister during a vampire raid on their village. He watched as his mother's killer was murdered by another vampire, then in turn Zach was saved from a burning fire by the vampire. For years, the memory of that night, and the face of the vampire who saved him have haunted him.

Talked into the insanity of a resistance backed raid on vampire territory, Zach comes face to face with the vampire he couldn't forget.

Another completely new world. A world of vampires who rule and the humans they keep captive.

This is a gritty work, but satisfying. If you are familiar with Shayne's stories (with or without Mychael Black), you may be familiar with the intense situations and passionate sex. Edge doesn't hold back, either. The characters are engaging and their turmoils are quite palpable.

Fertile Domain by Jude Mason

Until this point, the only works of Jude's I'd read were BDSM contemporaries with a focus on Femme Domme, or other subgenres with hetero heroes. Fertile Domain is a departure in the way that the primary relationship is M/M, and there is also MMF action. Here's the blurb:

In a world where pollution and greed has pushed humanity to the brink of extinction, fertility is one of the priorities. Men must prove themselves to fertile fems. For those who are lacking, or who cease to please the women, harsh treatment follows. Two new men, Jax and Trev, vie for a place among the elite 'studs' of a beautiful fem. Will they succeed, and will the love they feel for each other survive?

It's an intriguing story, told entirely from one hero's point of view. Jude has a way of putting you into the story with vivid detail, and who wouldn't want to be tossed into the midst of choice, potent studs who don't mind a little bi-side action? Heh.

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