Friday, November 14, 2008

We always talk about the things we like, but... about the stuff that just irritates the crap out of us? :P I know, I know! No one likes a Negative Nancy, but sometimes there are things in this world that just BUG YOU. You try to deal with those things with as much civility as possible, but nuh-uh. Ain't gonna happen. So this is a post where you can feel free to vent about all the annoying little things you can't stand! LOL!

(Just be good-natured about the venting, because one person's pet-peeve might be another's pet-comfort. *g*)

My peeves:

  • Books or comics with gay characters who never get any. >_<
  • The song "Your Beautiful" by James Blunt. Cheeeeee-zeeeeeee. >_<
  • People who leave their garbage on tables at fast-food joints. C'mon, the trashcan is only five feet away. >_<
  • Wet socks. Those are just awful, period. >_<


Anonymous said...

Oh I got some peeves...

+ Publishers who think paying with contributor copies is OK.

+ Calling "everything" m/m erotic in comics, yaoi.

+ People who ask me if I'm a man, even though my pen name has GYNO in it.

+ Gay men who hate women.

+ Straight women who swear they're gay men 'on the inside'.

+ People that use the terms 'sensei', 'kawaii', 'chu', 'kun', or any other annoying Japanese honorific or pop-cult words actively, in online conversation.

+ Non-Americans who always claim THEY have First Amendment rights, on the internet.

I could go on, but who has a whole week to listen to me rant?

Anonymous said...

* Leaving clothes on the floor when it is just as easy to put them in the wash house.

- Being told *most* women who play hockey or cricket are lesbians.

* Postal costs.

- Bad pedicures that cost lots.

* Writers who approach sex in books with a hazmat suit on.

Katrina Strauss said...

* Asshats who turn left on red.

* Asshats behind me who honk because I: 1.) won't turn left on red, 2.) won't turn when the sign says "Left turn on protected arrow ONLY", or 3.) decide it's wisest to let the friggin' emergency vehicle with horns blaring and sirens flashing pass through the intersection first.

* Asshats in general.

Anne Cain said...

OH MY GAWD, you gals have really awesome peeves! I'm sitting here nodding my head, chuckling, and wanting to punch asshats all at the same time! XD

Tina, I got another one about contributor's copies: publishers who include contributor's copies as part of the payment, but don't bother to send them. Not even after email after badgering email! >_<

Sharrow, what about people who don't want to empty out the clean dishes in the dishwasher, so they start piling plates in the sink? Oh man, that steams me up! Especially if the stuff in the sink starts to get crusty by the time I discover the pile...grrrrr >_<

Kitty, OMG. *spazzes on keyboard* There's a special place in hell for people who don't know how to drive, I really believe that. XD

Anonymous said...

OMG, I think we live in the same house! Crusty, yes - and ewww so gross. I refuse to do them. I am not a maid!

JenB said...

* negative stereotypes
* bad drivers
* stupid insurance customers
* the Butch/V cop-out in JR Ward's books (goes along with gay characters not getting any)
* lazy husbands
* houses that refuse to clean themselves
* authors of erotica who write as though they've never had sex themselves
* authors of gay romance that obviously have never met a man before, much less a gay one
* random apostrophes in sci-fi names
* bad dialect in books ("country" talk is the worst)

And Tina, I'm with you on everything gay being called "erotic".

Anonymous said...

+Women who don't realize that Victoria's Secret is not a lingerie shop for THEM.

No RLY. They market to the men in your life...duh.

+Bras made and sold for women with implants, but being priced and passed on like they're the norm.

No RLY. 38DD bras made for real breasts do not have straps as thin as angel-hair pasta.

captcha code: spresso!

Anonymous said...

I hate:

* Captchas I can't read

* People who post non-worksafe images without early warning.

* youtube vids with the wrong tags

* wasteful behavior which harms the environment

* cruelty to animals

* most public bathrooms (especially those with no toilet seat covers ewwwwww)

* the smell of chlorine in pools

* lint left behind in the dryer

* people who pretend to be a different gender or sexual orientation online

* people who discuss important topics without citing where they heard certain "facts"

* books labelled as "dark" and "scary" but aren't

* having a cat decide it is "snuggle" time when I'm using the computer, that same cat head butting me at 4 am or trying to insert his paw into my mouth

* slow internet connection

* Ridiculously wealthy people who don't understand why the middle-class is "whining" about the economy and the same people preaching at the masses about "saving" when they've inherited -their- wealth or didn't pay for their college education.

* mild salsa, mild taco sauce or anything "mild" which is just wrong

* soft tortillas with a wet/soggy spot

* excessively sweet Thai food

* publishers who don't send out rejection emails or updates in a timely manner

{not a pet peeve but more a recommendation} Readers who send really awesome emails about something I wrote but never bother to blog their comments or make them public.

Maia Strong said...

* text message spam - esp. when it costs me $.20 per message

* people who can't drive in the rain

* jaywalking

* cheap scotch

* drivers who roll through stop signs - There is a damned good reason why the sign is ten feet back from the corner. It's called a crosswalk.

* drivers who turn left the short way around residential street roundabouts

* telemarketing calls from area codes I've never heard of

* junk mail

(I'll stop now or I'll be here all week. Thanks for the chance to do a little venting. I feel better already.)

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