Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

To everyone who is already enjoying the new year! So, now comes the entertaining part of celebrating a new year. Resolutions (which I see Keira already covered but hey, everyone's thinking about 'em)! Not many people seem to like doing them anymore, mostly because subconsciously, we know it ain't gonna happen. Life has a way totally kicking our asses and going in paths that we never expected.

Still, that doesn't mean they aren't interesting. My list isn't so much about resolutions as they are goals for 2009. Resolutions are changes in life, to me anyway. I'm not changing my life per se. Just giving myself a kick in the butt to get with the program! Mostly because in 2009, I'm going to be working my butt off to really start to produce. I'm good at short stories and novellettes but I want to push my word count and my brain to higher levels. And start another series! Technically, I have a series of sorts going on with Asher, my little crossdresser (not kidding, he's small. Barely 5'3) and his boyfriend, Derek. Here's the first and second story if you're curious. The third story is actually a bit of free fic on my site called Promise. The fourth story, Unreal, will be out in early '09.

But I'd like to start a series with the full intention of writing one. Ash was my accidental one! So, I'm going to post my list of the moment and then pass it over to you. Ya'll have any resolutions or goals? Write more? Read more? More excercise? More chocolate maybe? (This one sounds good to me!)

Zoe's Goals for 2009 (as of December 31st, 2008)

- A minimum of 3 novels by the end of the year

- More submissions for secondary publishers (min. 13 stories each)
Cobblestone: 1 story currently
Phaze: 2 stories currently

- After catch up
Novel for Samhain
Novel for MLR

- Work on series idea
San Viejo (working title)

- Asher series
Potential ideas: novellette, novella or Chaser (trilogy of novellettes from Torquere)

- Promo updates
More free fiction

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