Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Now that Daybreak has been published and I'm taking a few weeks off from writing to rejuvenate, I've been thinking about my resolutions for 2009. This year I took a new approach inspired by this article and chose the word "liberate" to sum up the changes I wanted to make.

For 2009, I'm going with "dare." I'm going to take chances in different aspects of my life and get outside my comfort zone. No risk, no reward, right?

What's your resolution word?


Asylumgirl said...

Organize.....nuff said. LOL


Keira Andrews said...

Yes, that's always a good one! :)

Tory Temple said...

I don't know how to sum up "stop allowing myself to be other people's option instead of their priority", so I'll just say that my resolution word is "prioritize".

Keira Andrews said...

Heh, sounds good to me, Tory!

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