Thursday, December 4, 2008

You know what we need?

We need more magick-users: witches, Druids, ceremonial mages, etc. Yep. We need more in books. I've written a good many pagans, but I've never quite delved into their beliefs and practices. I need to, really.

I've been a pagan for 19 years now; a Druid for the past... 4 years? I dedicated myself to Cernunnos on Samhain (Oct. 31st) 2004. I started studying ceremonial magick about 2 or 3 years ago, as well. I've been lax on it for a while, but picked it back up recently.

What do y'all think about such subjects in m/m books?


Barbara Sheridan said...

You've been reading my mind haven't you? LOL I was actually thinking of the possibility of rewriting my out of print Silver Rain as an m/m.

Liz said...


So do it! :D

Janalyn said...

I'm Wiccan and am currently writing fantasy (both AU and modern day setting) with Pagan themes. I hope to have some word soon on two stories to be published. But I agree, especially in Fantasy areas, where magick is highly involved, there needs to be more within the man-love scope. Great question and observation!

Anonymous said...

Do you mean modern witches and Druids or Harry Potter type witches who can turn tea cups into rats? I'm fine with either as long as the story is good and its not ONLY about their beliefs/practices.

Liz said...

Myristica: Very cool! My fingers are crossed for you. :)

Tam: Both, really, but mainly real ones. I'm all for the fantasy type, don't get me wrong. But there needs to be more with those of us who are most certainly real. LOL

Anonymous said...

If you write it, I'll certainly read it !! I luv to learn new things, that's why I read *grin*

Maia Strong said...

You are reading minds!

You've inspired me to haul out the m/m fantasy I wrote last year (NaNoWriMo 07) and really set to the editing and beta process on it. There's a lot of magic in that one. I really dig creating mythologies and religions for my fantasy universe.

I'm also feeling inspired now to get back on my contemporary paranormal that I started last month (NaNoWriMo 08 - Do you sense a trend?).

Witches and Druids and Pagans, OH MY! :D

Liz said...

*grins at Ro* Thank ya!

Maia: LOL! Trend? What trend? ;) By all means, drag it out and polish it! When creating a world (and I'm speaking fantasy here), the religions tend to mirror Earth ones, usually along the pagan spectrum. So hey, I'm ALLLLL for more!

Lily said...

Sounds like a wonderful idea. There is not a lot written with magic as the theme, and adding m/m to it would be great. I'd definitely love to read it. Lily :)

Liz said...

Thanks for the feedback. :D

Tory Temple said...

While magic and fantasy isn't really my thing, I've seen some AMAZING work done in these genres. I know it's popular, so I say anyone who wants to go for it shouldn't be afraid. Spread the word!

Liz said...

:D Yup!

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