Friday, December 5, 2008

Leather pants anyone?

If the publishing gods are kind I may have some fictional hot men in said pants for you as soon as next week when Noble Romance Publishing releases my short tie-in to Dark Whispers featuring uber smexy Officer Watts.

Here's a tiny taste:

A buffed up little blond with buzz cut hair, dressed in a tight white T-shirt and snug faded jeans, jumped onto the stage and whistled for attention.

"Since his all-time favorite bottom seems to be unavailable at the moment, Master Gerald would like a volunteer or three to participate in tonight's scene."

There was a palpable surge of energy through the crowd followed by deep-toned low conversations. A number of men stood, some Ray would have pegged as dominant, for sure. It was then that Ray noticed Father Bear cruising the room's perimeter, looking over the standing men like a shark sizing up his prey-his eager prey, to be exact.

So Nabeshima's Father Bear was a/k/a "Master Gerald." Well, he sure as shit looked the part now, dressed up in leather pants, knee high boots and studded leather bands crisscrossing his hairy bare chest and beefy upper arms.

Ray settled back against the wall and watched as the old guy picked a trio of playmates and gestured for them to heel like well-trained pets before leading them to the stage and having them line up, two on his left side, one on his right. He gestured to the pair with the crop he pulled from his thick belt. "There may be some humiliation and edge play involved, depending on the mood they stir in me; do the owners of these boys have any objections?" After receiving permission from several men in the audience, Gerald addressed his next question to the bottoms. "Do any of you have objections or limits on what you're up for tonight?"

* * * *

Have a good weekend peeps, I'm off to ogle men and get paid for doing it ~_^


Anne Cain said...


Lily said...

Oooh, I'll definitely be looking forward to this!!!

BTW, where can I get a job like yours where I can ogle men and get paid for it???

Lily :)

Barbara Sheridan said...

Lily--I work in the mens suit department of a major metropolitan department store.

Good times ^_^

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