Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry After-Christmas!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday full of all the good things that make life precious--friends, family, yummy eats and something warm to drink. :) Is it just me, or do the holidays seem to go by faster and faster every time? It feels like December just started and here we are: Christmas was yesterday and the new year is less than a week away!

While we all continue to recuperate from the holiday-madness, I'm thinking about what to do for my year-end illustration. I always try to cram in at least one personal project before midnight on New Years Eve, and I'm leaning towards this drawing I doodled last night:

Bedroom Eyes

Happy holidays, y'all. :o)


Sarah said...

Oh nice!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you just doodled that? Holy cow. Its amazing.

Kris said...

He's so pretty. Damn, I wish I could draw like that. I have doodle-envy.

JenB said...

So pretty!!

I'm with Kris...definite doodle envy. I can't even draw a circle.

Anne Cain said...

Aww, you guys are the best! So should I finish this one as my Year-Ender? :o)

And oh my, "doodle-envy"...*lololol* No way! I get so lazy in my doodles, hence the lack of much detail. (He has no nipples!!!) When/if I get around to coloring this poor boy, I will paint those in. Promise!

Barbara Sheridan said...

He's adorable!

Anne Cain said...

Thanks, B!!!! *mwuah*

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