Friday, December 12, 2008

Sexy Lawmen

It's heeere----

I've already received the best reader comment ever (from the vivacious JenB): "You will buy this, and you will read it. AND YOU WILL LIKE IT. *cracks whip*"

So what's it about you ask? Here's a mini blurb:

What NYPD patrolman Ray Watts wants to do is finish his shift and take a much needed vacation. If he has to first suffer through playing chauffeur to some pain in the ass foreign cop visiting New York on a special fact-finding detail then so be it.

And here's an excerpt:

“Would it surprise you to know that Nicholas is usually the dominant partner in every way in their relationship?”

Ray turned to face the mirror. Nick was pleading for Marsh to take it up a notch and make him bleed. “Yeah, it would surprise me.” Miki stepped in closer behind him, so close he could feel the other man’s breath tickle the nape of his neck.

“Being a dominant, a true dominant, is hard work. Despite what that fool earlier might think it isn’t at all about the Master getting his jollies by exerting his authority; it’s about using that power, that dominant nature, to push your submissive to explore himself and above all it’s about looking out for the sub’s welfare and safety.”

Miki stepped closer still . . . so close his shoulder brushed Ray’s.

Silence fell once more and Ray kept watching the scene in the other room. Marsh did indeed draw blood at various points on Nick’s body, but if you could judge by Nick’s reaction, it sure as hell wasn’t unpleasant. His cock thrust out, constricted by the ties of his harness, and pre-cum leaked from the tip.

Marsh set the whip aside and came forward to lick tenderly at the small wounds. He freed Nick from the restraints then ordered him to a gymnastics-type horse across the room. Nick did as he was told and bent over the mount, his legs spread wide, and humped the leather-covered horse until Marsh told him to stop. Marsh approached him, slathering clear lube on his own rigid cock before coating the crack of Nick’s ass then pushing some of the lube into the man’s puckered hole.

Nick moaned and held onto the horse in a white-knuckled grip as Marsh inserted his fingers.

Nabeshima exhaled a slow breath that sent the blood surging through Ray’s veins.

“Being in control all the time can become tiresome, and on occasion some Doms like to experience life from the other side. It can be quite exhilarating and freeing to trust enough to give oneself over to another, to fully let go and give into your deepest wants and needs. Of course, the man chosen to dominate has to be strong enough, secure enough within himself, to do that trust justice.”

Holy. Fuck. Was he dreaming? Was Nabeshima asking him to take charge? Shit. His instincts, developed from years on street patrol, gave him an insight into the meanings hidden behind public words and actions and he knew sure as shit that you didn’t just come to trust someone straight out of the gate.

Hell, back in the day, he’d been a rookie under the watchful eye of Vinnie Magera, and a good three years passed before Vinnie truly trusted him as a cop on equal footing.

Sure, this wasn’t necessarily life-or-death split-second-decision shit, but still. It made no sense. Especially if Nabeshima was a seasoned cop.

Nabeshima sighed. “You doubt your strength, Raymond. That’s a pity.”

Ray turned. “What I doubt are your motives.”

Go on, treat yourself to a Beautiful C*cksucker for the holidays. You'll be glad you did. ^_^


JenB said...

I love this story. Yum yum yum. It's screen-licking good.

You know you're a damn good writer when your readers start threatening their peers with whippings if they don't buy the book. ;)

Lily said...

OMG, if I didn't already love your books and have your books on "auto buy" I'd buy it just for the title.

Totally love it!!!!!!!!

Barbara Sheridan said...

JenB---Have I told you how much I heat you lately? ^_^

Lily--I'm an "auto-buy"? *Squeeee* he title does rock doesn't it? *wicked grin*

JenB said... out...the more I like you, the more I'll bug you to WRITE FASTER. lol

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