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Excerpt: Adder

I'd planned to add my bit to the awesome Round Robin today. But, we ended up with unexpected visitors, and, well, here it is nearly ten thirty at night and I'm just now getting to my blogging duties. So, since I'm thinking it's a little late to expect my brain to come up with anything creative (or, in fact, coherent *g*), I shall leave you with the blurb and an excerpt from my upcoming novel Adder, which is scheduled for release this Tuesday, April 7th, from Samhain Publishing. Enjoy!

© Copyright 2009 Ally Blue

Music. Sex. Fame. What’s missing? Surely not the “L” word…

Adder has a plan for his life: play his music for millions of adoring fans, who will reward him with money, fame and as much sex as he can handle. It’s a goal he’s been working toward since his teens and is on the cusp of achieving. The idea of a relationship never entered his mind—until a new drummer joins his band. One taste of Kalil, and all he wants is more.

For Kalil, playing drums for Adder is a dream come true, the creative connection he’s always wanted. What he never reckoned on is the deeper connection he finds with Adder. Kalil would rather avoid sexual involvement with a bandmate, but Adder seems just as determined to break through his resistance.

Attraction aside, music and sex are about the only things the hedonistic Adder and the increasingly jealous Kalil can agree on. Still, before they know it they’re on the brink of something deeper, something lasting.

And it scares the hell out of both of them.

(Warning: This book contains adult language, hot gay sex, weird bands, colorful prophylactics and unforgivable fashion crimes)

For almost a month, Kalil had promised himself he wouldn’t do this. Every morning when he woke up, every day when he tried not to stare at Adder during practice, every night when he jerked off to the hazy half-memory of Adder inside him, he’d sworn over and over that he was not going to give in to temptation. If he and Adder became lovers for real, it would fuck up everything. He couldn’t risk it.

For twenty-seven days, he’d managed to stay strong. And now here he was, with his tongue in Adder’s mouth and Adder’s hands up the back of his shirt.

“Fuck you,” Kalil breathed when Adder broke the kiss to bite his neck. “I can’t believe—shit, God, do that again—can’t believe you did this to me.”

“My dearest K, you are the one who attacked me.” Adder’s tongue darted into Kalil’s ear. He squeaked and yanked Adder’s head back by the hair. Adder grinned. “Perhaps I should let Ms. Rivers coax me into bed. I think I like what jealousy does to you.”

Kalil scowled. “I’m not jealous, asshole.”

The grin widened, Adder’s hazel eyes blazing with a combination of humor and lust which Kalil wished he didn’t find so damn hot. “Of course not, darling.” Dipping his head, Adder tongued the pulse point on Kalil’s throat.

“I’m not.” Kalil arched his neck and pressed Adder’s mouth harder against his skin. “Can you shut up about your enormous ego long enough to fuck me?”

Shaking his head, Adder slid both hands down the back of Kalil’s jeans. “I’m on the bottom.”

“I don’t top.”

“I don’t either.”

Unbelieving, Kalil grabbed Adder’s arms and pushed him away, holding him at arm’s length. “You do too, you fucking liar. You topped me, unless you lied about that.”

“You were far too drunk to top. I was forced to.”

“Yeah, well. I’ve seen you top other guys.”

He got an arched brow in answer. “Oh? Do tell.”

Kalil ground his teeth. “I caught you. Remember? When we shared a room in Greenville just before the Tabernacle gig and you brought that ridiculous little queen back with you? I walked in on you, you were pounding his ass so hard the headboard knocked a hole in the wall.”

Adder’s brows drew together in the stubborn expression Kalil had come to know and dread. “That was a girl.”

“Well, ‘she’ had a pretty big dick for a girl.”

“The sex change was still in process, you cretin.”

Kalil sighed, wondering how weird it was to be this turned on right now. “Okay. Fine. So explain to me why you don’t top.”

“Why don’t you?”

“I asked you first.”

Adder flashed his unhinged grin, sending Kalil’s hormones into overdrive and temporarily blotting out his irritation with the crazy green-haired bastard. “If I want to fuck someone, I’ll go find a female. Which is, of course, the beauty of being bisexual. Honestly, what’s the point in being with a man if you can’t get a cock up your ass?”

Kalil thought about pointing out that he wasn’t going to get a cock up his ass tonight, but let it drop. Adder would just point out that Kalil was gay and therefore was not sexually attracted to women, so his only opportunity of sticking his cock in anyone lay with the male of the species. Specifically, one particular male who was currently offering his own rear passage for Kalil’s enjoyment.

Fucking shit, I’m thinking like him now. This cannot possibly be good.

Irritated and so turned on he couldn’t see straight, Kalil grabbed Adder by his stupid orange and green paisley tie, pulled him across the room and shoved him onto the sofa. “Fine. Get your fucking clothes off.”

To his relief, Adder seemed to have temporarily run out of teasing smiles and droll one-liners. He loosened the knot on the hideous tie, pulled it over his head and threw it on the floor. They both attacked Adder’s black shirt at the same time. Kalil was pretty sure a couple of the buttons got torn off in the process of removing the shirt. He was also pretty sure he didn’t give a shit. Hands clasping Adder’s rib cage, he bent and dug his teeth into one pink nipple.

Adder’s pained groan almost made up for Kalil’s twenty-seven days of suffering all by itself. Long fingers wove into Kalil’s hair. “Oooooh, gods. I could fall in love with your tongue.”

Kalil, who had been working Adder’s pants open, shoved a hand inside and pinched his hip to make him shut up. Adder hissed, but stopped talking, for which Kalil was grateful. The unexpected mention of falling in love—even though it was just with his tongue—made his stomach turn backflips.

It took a while to get Adder’s pants off, partly because the satin stuck to his sweaty skin and partly because he was trying to take Kalil’s shirt off at the same time. Eventually, though, Adder lay naked against the cushions, one leg thrown over the back of the sofa and both hands working to remove Kalil’s jeans. Between the two of them, they managed to get Kalil’s pants partway down. Kicking off his shoes, he squirmed out of the snug denim and pressed his body between Adder’s spread thighs.

He couldn’t help his sharp gasp when his erection aligned with Adder’s. Grinning like the demon he was, Adder hooked a leg around Kalil’s waist and thrust up. Kalil let out an embarrassing whine. “Jesus fucking Christ. Uh.”

“Mmmm.” Rearing up, Adder fastened his mouth to Kalil’s neck and sucked so hard Kalil figured he’d see a blood blister there next time he looked in a mirror. “Fuck me, Special K.”

Kalil shook loose of Adder’s grip and sat back on his knees. He was about to shove a finger up Adder’s butt when a thought struck him. “Goddammit.”

“What?” Adder curled his fingers around his prick, not stroking, just holding on as if he was afraid it would fall off if he didn’t.

“No rubbers. Hell, no lube either.” Frustrated, Kalil raked a hand through his hair. “Shit.”

“Use saliva, it works well enough.”

“Yeah, for lube. But not for protection.”

Adder quirked an eyebrow at him. “You wouldn’t fuck me bare, darling?”

“Are you crazy? As much as you screw around? I don’t think so.”

If Adder was offended by that, he didn’t let on. The tip of his tongue came out to tease the corner of his mouth. “As it happens, I have a few condoms and packets of K-Y in my bag.”

Torn between relief and annoyance, Kalil gave Adder’s thigh a resounding smack. “Why the fuck didn’t you say so before?”

“I would have told you eventually. I simply wanted to see when you would notice the lack of proper supplies.” Adder let go of his cock, leaned sideways and rummaged through the yellow and teal flowered satchel beside the sofa. He emerged with a condom and a packet of lube, which he held out to Kalil. “Here you are, darling.”

Kalil shook his head. The condom was orange. Who used orange condoms?

He took it anyway. He’d cope with having a Day-Glo dick if it meant getting said appendage inside Adder sometime in the next two minutes.

Ripping the packet open, Kalil rolled the slick latex down over his cock. He snatched the lube from Adder’s palm and tore it open. Adder helpfully drew his legs up and apart to expose his rosy little hole. His hand shaking with eagerness and lust, Kalil squeezed some of the K-Y onto his fingers and slid two into Adder’s ass.

Adder moaned, eyelids fluttering and mouth falling open. “K. Yes.”

Gnawing his lower lip, Kalil pushed his fingers deeper and twisted, searching for Adder’s gland. His fingertip nudged a firm spot. Adder keened and clawed at the sofa. “Oh gods, oh. Oh. Please.”

Kalil swallowed a whimper. “You ready?” He left the “please be ready or I’m gonna come without ever getting inside you” unvoiced. What Adder didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him.

Adder nodded, breathing hard. “More than ready.”

Resisting the urge to shout “hallelujah”, Kalil spread the rest of the lube on his disturbingly colorful prick, scooted forward on his knees and poised the head of his cock at Adder’s hole. He grabbed hold of Adder’s hips and pushed. There was a second’s resistance, then his cock slid into Adder’s body.

They both groaned. Kalil shut his eyes and held still for a second, trying to gather the scattered shards of his control so he wouldn’t come right away and embarrass himself. God, Adder was tight, tighter than Kalil had expected, and so hot inside Kalil feared the condom might melt to his skin in permanent citrus-colored patches.

A hand caressed Kalil’s jaw. His eyes flew open. Adder was watching him with a sweet, solemn expression that made him feel like someone was tugging on his heart with a fishhook. He turned into the touch before he could give it too much thought, rubbing his cheek against Adder’s palm.

“My darling Kalil,” Adder purred. “If you don’t start moving immediately, I’ll be forced to leave you for my dildo.”


Anonymous said...

I read your excerpt on Fiction with Friction and am going to take it away on holiday with me. Cannot wait!! :)

Ally Blue said...

Aw, cool, thank you! I hope you enjoy the book! And I hope you have a great time on your vacation :D

Louisa Edwards said...

Incredibly hot, as always. Seriously, it's snowing outside and I don't even care!

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