Thursday, July 2, 2009

Announcement and Worship at the Shrine of the Art Goddess

First off, the announcement...

My book, Sword & Sorcery Book One: The Lost Son, first in a fantasy/sword & sorcery trilogy, has been accepted by Samhain Publishing!!! We're looking at a Feb. 2010 release. It was originally published with Lady Aibell Press, but they closed their doors and until last week, my beloved warrior/general Kalen and his elven sorcerer lover, Micheil, were homeless. Not anymore!

And... now for proper worship...

I get to beg and plead and pray at the altar of Anne Cain, Goddess of Art. She's the most amazing, utterly AMAZING, artist I've ever known. (And she's exceptionally sweet, too.) She's done three of our covers, and I hope many, many more in the future.

Covers she's done for us: Magic & the Pagan, Realms of Fantasy, And the Two Shall Become One.

If you want to ogle some more of her beautiful work, go check out her DeviantArt page. :D


Ro DuBose said...

Oh JOY!!! I can really get into some magic and elves, Yum-yum

Liz said...

Hehe!! I love Kalen and Micheil. :D

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