Monday, August 24, 2009

A few recommended reads...

Ghosts of Alcatraz by Carol Lynne
When prison inmates begin dying in shocking and sometimes gruesome ways, warden Jensen Black decides to bring in sexy parapsychologist Brian Phipps to investigate. Getting to the bottom of what's killing the men for whom he's responsible is the plan. Falling for the lamb of a man with the heart of lion isn't on the agenda, but his heart has a mind of its own.

The attraction between the two men is instantaneous, but before they can fully explore the depths of their passion the ghosts set their sights on Brian. And as their relationship heats up, the danger escalates, leaving both men to wonder if they’ll ever make it off Alcatraz alive. Let alone, together.

Hemovore by Jordan Castillo Price
Ten years ago, the Human Hemovore Virus blazed through the world, and left the few victims who survived unable to eat, allergic to sunlight and craving the taste of blood.

Mark Hansen used to think V-positives were incredibly sexy with their pale, flawless skin and taut, lean bodies. Not anymore. Not since he’s been stuck procuring under-the-counter feline blood for his control-freak boss, Jonathan Varga. Why cat blood? Mark has never dared to ask.

It’s not as if he’s usually at a loss for words. He can dish an insult and follow it with a snap as quick as you can say “Miss Thang”. But one look at Jonathan’s black-as-sin gypsy eyes, and Mark’s objections drain away.

So he endures their strange, endless routine: Jonathan hiding in his studio, painting solid black canvases. Mark hurling insults as he buffs the office to a shine with antiviral wipes and maps out the mysterious “routes” he’s required to drive.
Then a blurb in Art in America unleashes a chain of events neither of them saw coming. As secrets of Jonathan’s past come to light, it becomes clear all his precautions weren’t nearly enough.

That’s What Brothers Do by Derekica Snake
To save his family, he sold his innocence. To save his sisters, he sold his body. To save his love, he sold his soul. Why? That's what brothers do...

Gaven by JC Owens

When the Masarians attack Gaven's people, they are defeated and Gaven himself is taken captive. By a man claiming to be his father. It turns out his entire life has been a lie, and now his 'father' will give him into the hands of another man to indoctrinate and train him. Gaven vows he will never shame his people by giving into the Masarians' way of loving other men.

But Vlar, the legendary warrior to whom he has been given, has other plans. The blood-drinker is determined to have Gaven and to make him yield.


Louisa Edwards said...

I loved Gaven! Very fresh and different. I haven't tried the others, but I think now I need to. : )

Amanda Young said...

I think that's what I liked about all of the books, Louisa. None of the four I listed fall into the usual categories. Although, I should probably add that Derekica Snake's book isn't exactly romance. I'm not quite sure which genre I would place it in.

Amie said...

Hi Amanda, Could you try? I went to the Lulu site and read the excerpt for “That’s What Brothers Do” (which was awesome) and I'm waffling a little. I’d also been sitting on the fence with “Ghosts of Alcatraz” and “Gaven” but I think I’ll take the plunge. There are a few things I tend not to buy, not because it's not well written, but because I don't enjoy them as much. Is “Gaven” a BDSM or D/s? It doesn’t say so but I’ve been burned by that before and look for key words if the blurb now. I’d rather know in advance so I can read it when I’m in the mood for that.

I really liked “Hemovore” too. I’m trying to convert some friends to m/m with JCP and Tanya Huff book suggestions. *g* We’ll see how that goes!

Amanda Young said...

Hi Amie. You can't go wrong trying to convert people to M/M with JCP. I adore her Psycops series.

As for Derekica Snake's story, I would almost classify it as erotic horror. There's a lot of violence and non-consensual sex. While I've been known to paint rent boys in a fairly "pretty" light, "That’s What Brothers Do" is a very gritty look into prostitution and organized crime. It's self-published, so there are some typos but nothing that can't be forgiven. There are elements of romance, although I'm not sure how to explain them without giving away the plot and the ending. Truthfully, I'd love to be able to discuss the book with someone else that read it just to see what their take on the romance aspects is. So let me know if you do give it a try.

As for Gaven, I would say it's very light D/s if anything. In context with the story and world building, I don't really see it as being BDSM at all.

Amie said...

Thank you! I'll try all but JCP's since I already read that one. I'd be happy to talk books! (I think you might have noticed that I have oral diarrhea… 8-D) I'll email you when I finish Brothers if that works for you.

Amanda Young said...

Email is fine, Amie. I am very interested to hear what you think. :D

Amie said...

(I'm a HUGE fan of JCP) Did you try her vampire series Channeling Morpheus over at Changling? If you want some dark and gritty, these are the way to go.

Amie said...

Cool deal!

Amanda Young said...

Yep. I'm pretty sure I've read all of JCP's books.

Amie said...

LOL! Me too-

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