Friday, August 14, 2009

He's Coming....

(and yes you can take that any way you like, heh heh)

Hello kiddies, the moment you've all been waiting for is not that far off, Our Inspector Nabeshima is about to return for an even hotter, longer adventure.

Here's a little

Miki caught the first cab he could find back to his hotel and strode into the bar. He ordered a bottle of bourbon and had it charged to his room. Bottle in hand, he sought out a small table in a shadowed corner. He tossed back the first glass and was staring down into the untouched second when the last voice he wanted to hear slithered over him.

“You mind telling me what the fuck that was about?”

“It is what it is,” he muttered, echoing one of Raymond’s oft said phrases. He raised his glass to David Kirkland and drank half in one swallow.

“What it is, is fucked up, dude.” Kirkland pulled out the chair opposite and sat. His stare bored into Miki, and from the way he sat, back rigid, leather jacketed arms folded across his broad chest, it was clear he wouldn’t leave before he received the explanation he sought.

Miki sipped his drink. “How did you find me so quickly?”

Kirkland smirked. “I have mad detective skills. I plan on getting my gold shield by next year.”

Miki finished his drink. “Cocky bastard.”

“You oughta know, unless . . . .” Kirkland paused and his voice trailed off, but he continued to stare. “You’re one of those closeted fuckers,” he said quietly. “That’s why you had your kid with you. You have the hots for other men but don’t dare act on it.” He smirked again. “Thanks for the blow job,

Miki sucked in his breath and tensed, shifted his weight in his chair and when Kirkland pushed his own chair back and stood, Miki sprung, grabbing the younger man by the belt with one hand, his other gripping Kirkland’s crotch to give his balls a firm squeeze. “Don’t. Ever. Take that attitude with me,

He let Kirkland go, drinking in the rage that emanated from the younger cop.

“Get the fuck out,” Miki whispered. “I’ll handle Flynn on my own, the way I handle everything else.”

Grabbing his liquor bottle, Miki strode from the bar and crossed the quiet lobby toward the elevators. It was his turn to smirk when he felt the angry American’s presence closing in on him.

A formally dressed couple hung back and let the two men enter the elevator alone.

No sooner had the doors closed than Kirkland growled at Miki. “Who the fuck do you think--”

Miki slammed Kirkland into the side of the elevator and hit the stop button with a swift kick. “Don’t think to go there with me,
boy. I could kill you with my bare hands before you could blink.”

“Bring it.”

Though Kirkland’s anger excited him and hardened his cock, Miki laughed and started the elevator once more. It rose fully to the next floor. The doors slid open. “Another time. I’m old and need my sleep.”


AllureVanSanz said...

Looks great, sounds great!

Good luck with your release.

Allure Van Sanz

Bryl R. Tyne said...

"I'm old and need my sleep."


Damn, woman. Miki's "the man". I'm buying. Great scene, thanks for sharing.


JenB said...

Can't wait for this one. I already know it's gonna kick ass. :D

Unknown said...

I love this book. :-) I think your fans will be QUITE pleased!

Barbara Sheridan said...

@ Bryl
Miki IS the Man. Oh, he's quite the dominant bastard in this one. I LOVE it! *squee*

@Jill, Jen & Allure Thank you! I think it turned out pretty well, despite the hair pulling and time it took to get those words out of my addled brain LOL

Speaking of addling my brain I now get to go babysit the preschooler & toddler.

That "old and need my sleep" line came from my own life.

Amie said...

Do you have an ETA for this?

Zoe Nichols said...

Kay, now I really need to read the first one. Have a contest so I can rig it and win it :)

Barbara Sheridan said...

@Amie---I don't have a definite release date but I know Jill wants to get it out as soon as she can. The edits were pretty light (damn, I'm good! LOL) I'll definitely keep you posted.

@Zoe--What you've not read copsucker the first??? *gasp* We'll have to fix that.

Amie said...

Barbara, you are damn good! *g* I can’t wait… (More please?)

Zoe, you really have to read the first one, it was delicious. I’m not into D/S or BDSM so it’s a really rare thing for me to like a story with that content. This is one of them. IMO, it’s rare to have a character be a dominant bastard but not cross the line into just plain jerk. When one is done well, it’s truly a gem.

Barbara Sheridan said...

@Amie Thank you so much for the kind words. I think you'll like this new one. Miki is really in control here but he does it so well and subtly (at least I hope it comes across that way).

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