Thursday, August 27, 2009

What's going in Myc's world?

Been semi-MIA due to various reasons, but I HAVE been writing.

I recently finished a Jack/Ty short for Torquere's 2009 Charity Sip Blitz. And yes, I said Jack and Ty, as in the cowboys from the Breakdown series. ;)

I also sent my Changeling editor Blood Curse (Blood & Fire 2), and I believe we're looking at an October release for that one.

In the works, I've got Repertoire, which is for Phaze's Urban Phaze line. Cardiff is my city, but it isn't the Cardiff you're probably expecting. Oh, no. This is post-World War 3 Cardiff, and the story stars none other than vampire prince Devon Hart and his draconic lover, Vincent Sheridan. ;) Yep, a sequel to The Shape of Things!

I'm also working on the preliminary notes/plot for Bad Blood (Blood & Fire 3). But this one doesn't star Jason and Julian. It's Jesse's story. You know, Jason's drummer? And Julian's friend Gabriel, who makes an appearance in Blood Curse.

And finally... YES! Shayne and I ARE working on TPA 3, albeit slowly. Our respective Internet times are a bit awkward at the moment, though, so bear with us, please. :)

So, all that said... I leave you with a snip from Repertoire, a revisit with old friends. ;)


“How did I know he was the one behind the huge house?”

Jacob grinned. “I think Vincent would be cramped in anything smaller than a castle. He found this place. Granted, it’s not a castle, but a mansion is just as good. It was conveniently abandoned, and within a few hours of finding it, he had us all moving in.”

“Talking about me again?”

Devon looked up, giving Vincent his best innocent smile. Vincent simply raised an eyebrow. “Okay,” Devon sighed. “Yes.”

“Do tell.” Vincent sprawled on the couch, looking as deliciously decadent as the black leather he sat on.


Devon couldn’t tear his gaze from the sight of his lover stretched out, dark gray dress pants just barely tight enough across Vincent’s crotch to tease. The half-buttoned black shirt parted just enough to reveal the stripe of crimson scales emblazoned diagonally across Vincent’s chest. Since their union a year ago, Vincent had become more comfortable, no longer hiding his true form from anyone. Now if only Devon could convince the man to keep his straight black hair loose and not tied back all the time.

“Earth to Devon.”

Devon shook his head and blinked over at Jacob. “Huh?”

“You were drooling.”

Sinking a little lower in the chair, Devon grumbled. “Can you blame me?”

“Frankly, yes,” Jacob laughed. “He’s my brother. And a guy.” He winced. “Sorry, Vince, but I just can’t do the whole guy thing.”

“Understood.” Vincent lifted a hand from where it rested on the back of the couch and crooked his finger, beckoning Devon over.

“I’m going to want to leave, aren’t I?” Jacob muttered without looking up.


Devon smiled and went over, straddling Vincent. Jacob grumbled and collected several books, muttering something about no peace before he left the room. The second the door closed, Vincent flipped them, putting Devon onto his back on the couch, hovering over him. Devon moaned and opened to the kiss, thighs cradling Vincent between them. Vincent kissed and nipped his way along Devon’s jaw and down to his neck.


“Hmm?” Vincent nuzzled Devon’s neck, the hot breath drawing a shiver from the base of Devon’s spine, up to his head.

“Who are you?”

Vincent froze. “What?”

Devon held Vincent’s head and lifted it to see his eyes. “You know everything about me there is to know. I know next to nothing about you.”

“There isn’t much to know.”

“You’re a dragon, Vincent. I’d say there’s a lot to know. How old are you?”

Vincent stared at him for several seconds before answering. “I lost count at eight.”


The smirk he got should’ve told Devon he was going to get the shock of his life. “Thousand.”

Eyes widening, jaw dropping, he let his hands fall limply away. “Eight… thousand?”

“Yes. Last I checked, anyway. I could’ve missed a few centuries here or there.”

Devon couldn’t even begin to wrap his brain around that much time. Then again, even after two years together, he still had trouble processing the fact that he was in love with a creature that devoured large animals whole and stood as tall as a three-story building when in his true form. Vincent lowered himself completely, the press of his muscular body short-circuiting any further thoughts from Devon’s brain.

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