Monday, August 31, 2009

Friends to lovers done too much?

My alter ego spends some of her time editing for a review company and I’ve noticed a number of stories coming across my screen where best friends and/or roommates get intimate and fall in love. I find many of these intriguing as the authors come up with different and unique ways for them to get together. However, is there enough conflict for it to be a great read?

The most common conflict I’ve come across is where one man is openly gay and one is straight. Or thinks he is. Not that this conflict is bad or wrong, but I wonder if it’s overdone sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, this is purely for discussion sake, because my all time favorite book (and my first M/M book read other than fanfiction) is Evangeline Anderson’s The Assignment which is about detective partners who go undercover and fall for each other. And I really enjoy partner manluv stories!

Over the weekend I got a chance to read Making Waves by Pepper Espinoza and found the twist interesting. Yes, one of the main characters was an openly gay man, but instead of desiring a friend, he was crushing on his soon-to-be-brother-in-law.

My question to readers…have you read any books lately that brings a nice twist to best friends/roommates/partners? Care to share? Do you think the friend/roommate plot is done too much? I’m ready for another book shopping trip. ^-^

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Tam said...

I really enjoyed Str8te Boys by Evangeline Anderson. Using the dare concept morphing into earning money by posing on-line. It was fun and smoking hot.

Is it overdone? Not that I've noticed but things go in waves. Seems to be in the entertainment industry in general. There won't be one vampire movie come out but three in a period of weeks. One TV show about serial killers morphs into 5 debuting in the same season. I haven't noticed friends/lovers overkill but I just have to be careful what I buy. I think one week I somehow ended up buying about 4 "high school jock/high school nerd years later" books. I enjoy the theme but when you read 4 in a few days its overkill. So I try to pace myself.

Unknown said...

It is one of my favourite tropes, so I don't mind them at all. I haven't seen that many, I think they're probably more gay-for-you story lines as opposed to best friend/rooommates (who are actually gay) story lines (which I'd like to see more off).

As long as I enjoy the story then I'm happy. If they all start to become carbon copies of each other, then I'll stop reading them and move onto to something else.

Ethan X. Thomas said...

I don't have a suggestion for a friends-to-lovers book to read right now, but "Crimson" in Samhain's yet to be titled space opera anthology contains a similar theme. I never thought about whether it had been done too much when I wrote it. I simply followed my muse.

Anonymous said...

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