Monday, August 3, 2009

Never Too Late being released tomorrow 8/4

Isn't this a nice cover? I can't help but drool at the site. :P
My latest M/M book, Never Too Late, is being released at Loose Id tomorrow so I thought I'd post a little excerpt from it.
I hope everyone has a good week. I'll be busy getting ready for my twins' birthday this weekend. I can't believe they are growing up so fast. *sigh*
Never Too Late
By Marty Rayne

Genre: Contemporary, Gay fiction

Coming Aug. 4, 2009 to Loose-Id

After years of pleasuring others’ needs as an escort at Desires, Inc., Dakota Knight is finally ready to find a life he wants to live. That is, after one last request from his boss. He only has to fulfill thirty-six hours of submission and he’s free to find happiness, though he believes love is a four-letter word that isn’t for him.

Brice expected a weekend away with his best friend, Winter Chase. Instead he was led to a hidden playhouse containing a male escort bound and ready to please. Then he finds out that Winter hired him so that he could have a great first experience with a male lover.

Neither man expected lust to turn to love as Brice discovers many enjoyable firsts with Dakota, who in turn realizes that it’s never too late for love. Even for a man with a past like his.


Dakota couldn’t believe what was happening. First Winter talked him into accepting this job, and then she left after a call from her father? What the hell was she thinking? Glancing at Brice, Dakota could see that the poor boy was as confused as he was. So here he was, left alone with the younger man and expected to teach him how to be intimate with another man. How fucked was that?

As much as he disliked it, at least with Winter around it was easier to fall into the role of this scene she’d set up. But with Brice alone and no Winter to guide them? Thoughts of easily dominating the kid came back full force, with Brice whimpering and begging for his touch, his kisses, and of course, his cock. Goose bumps broke out over his arms as wicked images flashed through his mind.

However, that wasn’t really what he’d do, and he knew it. Dakota had agreed to this last weekend to repay a debt. He’d also agreed to do this for Winter’s sake and promised to follow the plan. He was a man of his word, and no matter how tired he was of whoring out his body, he’d not start breaking it now.

“Well, what would you like to do now, Brice?” Dakota would fulfill his agreement, but that didn’t mean he’d call this kid Master. He had his limits.

He watched Brice fidget. It was clear he was uneasy.

Brice rose from the bed and went to the kitchen, where he filled a glass with water from the sink faucet.

“Brice?” Dakota tried to get his attention when he didn’t answer.

“Dammit! I don’t know!” He slammed down the glass and leaned onto the counter. “This wasn’t my idea. I don’t have a clue…” his voice faded as his expression shifted from anger to despair.

“I know the feeling, kid,” Dakota whispered and shook his head. His next words were louder. “When was the last time you ate?” Cooking was Dakota’s stress reliever. When in doubt, create something delicious to eat. A high metabolism and strict discipline with his exercise program made sure the food he devoured didn’t go straight to his gut.

Brice sighed. “I had a banana on the way out the door this morning.”

“You mind?” Dakota lifted his hand to where the chain and collar connected.

“Of course not. Go ahead and remove the chain.”

Dakota noticed that Brice said to remove the chain, not the collar. That told him that no matter how unplanned this was, Brice liked him wearing it. Then again, Dakota thought he looked damn good in most anything. Even out of anything. He didn’t spend hours working out just to look unattractive to his clients.

Unlatching the chain, Dakota walked into the kitchen area. Immediately he searched through the refrigerator and cabinets, making note of what Winter had stocked. He smiled. Apparently she was counting on his cooking skills at some time during his stay. Heaven knew she couldn’t boil water without burning it. She had provided all the fixings for a shrimp and chicken jambalaya, as well as all he’d need to cook a delicious breakfast the next morning.

“You’re actually going to cook?” Brice asked, as Dakota began to pull food from the fridge and cabinets.

Dakota shrugged. “I’m hungry. You’re hungry. We need to eat.”

“But, I’m…you’re…” Brice stumbled over his words and couldn’t seem to make any sense.

“What?” Dakota turned and stared.


Dakota rolled his eyes. “Duh, genius. Winnie,” he said her name full of sarcasm, “took our clothes. You’d rather starve than have me cook au naturel?”

Brice’s cheeks flamed red. He shook his head. “Of course not, it’s just…well…I’ve never known anyone to --”

“Cook in their birthday suit? Not like I have any clothes to put on.” Dakota smiled. “Really, Brice, it’s not a problem. Don’t worry your pretty little head about it. Go and sit at the table like a good boy, and I’ll have this done in a jiffy.”

“I’m not a boy. Or a kid.” His eyes narrowed and his lips pressed into a thin line.

The look of his anger was as sexy as his embarrassment. The twitch of Dakota’s dick brought back the reality of the situation to him. Pushing back the desire like the professional he was, he shrugged again. “Whatever you say.” It wouldn’t be good have a stiffy around knives and hot stuff, so he kept control of his thoughts.

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