Sunday, August 16, 2009

Well, well. Summer marches on. It seems so lovely and endless when June begins, and then suddenly it's mid-August and everyone panics because there's only a month left. Summer happens to be my favorite season, so I'm among the panicking crowd when I realize that my days of sunning and relaxing are nearing an end.

It does mean that I'll pick up a regular writing schedule again, hopefully. I've got at least half a manuscript due to my publisher in November, and since I've written approximately 500 words total, looks like I'll be buckling down sooner rather than later. Nothing like a deadline to strike fear into the hearts of authors.

Speaking of that manuscript, I thought for a long while about the subject of the novel. A couple of years ago I wrote Tinder, and then earlier this year the sequel Embers came along. I got mixed reviews for Embers. Most were favorable, but some were not. It was interesting to me that the "not" ones made a point of saying that while they could find no fault with the actual writing, it was the character of Morgan Daniels that they objected to. And in one or two cases, Chris' reaction to him.

It made me feel bad for Morgan. Because I like him. Morgan has conversations with me from time to time. If that sounds a little bit on the insane side, ask any author if they hear their characters' voices in their heads. More often than not, they'll tell you yes. (Including Stephen King, who's been quoted many times as saying he talks to his characters.)

In any case, Morgan had a few things to say about the reasons why he does the things he does or why he thinks Chris responds to him in a negative way sometimes. I listened and I nodded (not out in the OPEN, where people could see me, okay?) and I tried to explain to him why some people who read his story would see things differently than he did. Because I, too, could easily understand why Morgan would be critcized for his behavior.

He didn't get it. He is a man, after all.

So I offered to let him tell his side. He agreed. I started the third and final installment of the Tinder series two days ago, this time from Morgan's POV. Chris isn't sure how he feels about that, but Morgan and I feel good. Morgan should get his turn. Maybe it will shine a more favorable light on him, maybe it won't, but I owe him the chance because he's basically a good guy who loves his partner.

Shouldn't we all get the chance to tell our side of it?


Anonymous said...

I’m crazy about Morgan. I love grumpy, disdainful guys. They’re probably my favorite type of guy. You don’t have to explain Morgan to me; other people, maybe.

What’s the third book about? If possible, can we see more Morgan the Teacher?

Tory Temple said...

Well, Morgan has a reason for his grumpiness. At least, he thinks it's justified, heh.

The third book is from Morgan's POV and has a lot to do with how he views his relationship with Chris. It'll provide some insight as to why he acts the way he does. And yes, DEFINITELY more of Morgan in the classroom.

Anonymous said...

I always thought Morgan’s grumpy and disdainful because of his bad experience with crazy, reckless Kyle, and all the other reckless firemen he’s met over the decades. And Morgan loves Chris because Chris is the opposite of that, Chris is so good and pure.

Tory Temple said...

Mostly true. Although Chris isn't *quite* that good and pure. :D

K.A. Mitchell said...

Personally, I worry for my sanity when characters stop talking in my head. I'm looking forward to Morgan's story. I love hearing things from a different character's pov.

Tory Temple said...

KA, LOL, seriously. When it's been a few days with no voices in my head, I have to go searching for them so I don't worry.

And thank you, I hope I can do Morgan justice with this one. I identify more with him than with Chris, actually, so we'll see how it turns out.

Amie said...

I know some people don't like to head hop, but sometimes I *really* need to see what the other guy is thinking or feeling. I'm really looking forward to this one!

Tory Temple said...

Thanks, Amie. I'm also not a fan of head-hopping, especially if it's within one book. But I do like knowing the other POV, so if an author chooses to make a separate story from another character's viewpoint, I'll usually check it out. Hope it's up to your expectations. :)

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