Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Blahs & Contest

Well, it's my Monday again and I have nothing interesting to talk about. Really. My life has circled around a hodge-podge of mind-numbing family obligations lately. I do have a new book coming out in a couple of weeks, but it's of the M/F variety so...

In honor of brain-dead Monday, I figure a contest is called for. Why should you all have to suffer from blog-blahs simply because I can't write anything interesting today? That doesn't seem right.

In an effort to keep this simple, all you need to do is leave a comment. Tell me something fanciful to spark my absent muse or just say hello; it doesn't matter. At midnight est I'll pick one person to win a free ebook of their choice from my backlist and post the winner on the bottom of this post.

*Edited to add winner* Congratulations to Amie! Please email me at with your book choice and format preference.


Lisa G said...

Hi Amanda,

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your books. Looking forward to Beau and Milo's stories.

Amie said...

Ok, how about a piece of personal info? My hubby looks like a biker, is HUGE, 6 ft, 310 lbs (not flabby and btw, I’m 5’2”) complete with short hair and a big beard. And is secure enough to be comfortable buying a cute bunny knickknack for himself and cries when I do. My strong sweet capable intelligent bad ass, with some of his coworkers afraid to piss him off and the rest think of him as a father figure. You should see the look on his face when one of the guys asked him “What does this rash mean?” I almost peed myself laughing. I may be a little biased, but I think he would make a great character! *g*

(Just finished another of your books it was awsome, thank you!)

Gillian said...

Hi Amanda,

I'm having a pretty blah Monday too. Trying to get all my stuff together to go back to school. *sigh*
I love your work and I hope you find your muse soon. :)

Amie said...

sorry about the monday blahs...

Amanda Young said...

Thank you Lisa and Gillian.

Amie - You're husband sounds adorable. You know, in an entirely macho sort of way. lol

George said...

Though it is fustrating to go through what hairballs life throws up on you, it is almost a relief to be reminded that even the most polished of published authors (whom have reached the niviana of seeing their books in print)'have those days/weeks' that plague the poor, unpublished souls like me.

You see, in my warped way of thinking, it takes courage to confront your adoring public and say "I am struggling here -- help me", it kinda makes you more human -- more like me, and if you can have days/weeks like this, well then, who am I to wallow and bang my head against the keyboard when it happens to me?

In all seriousness, it sucks when life interfers with our muses.

But anyone who reads your blog, your twitter, and even your books, knows without a doubt that you have the stamina, the drive, the balls to push through the crapola that has your Muse acting like a flamboyant drama queen!

I have faith that you still have hundreds of entertaining stories to share, complete with interesting characters just screaming for you to breathe your life into them!

And I for one, look forward to buying and reading each and every one of them! (well, the m/m ones anyway!)

You Rock!

Amanda Young said...

George - You're a sweetheart. Want to run away with me? *gives husband the evil side-eye*

All joking aside, a writer is a writer, no matter how many stories they have out there. For varying reasons, we all struggle with something from time to time. I'm sure my wayward muse return as soon as some tidbit comes along and sparks my imagination.

Amie said...

Thank you! I think my husband is adorable too! (in a totally retro-sexual He-Man sort of a way) *sigh, naughty evil grin*

I think writing is just like any other artistic efforts. Sometimes you just look at everything and say meh. Good to know that you aren’t feeling like it will never end!

It doesn’t matter if you publish or not, the need to write and the creative effort are what make you a writer. Some of the most celebrated artists didn’t get much recognition during their lifetimes which did not make them any less an artist, while others were applauded and showered with money and have all but disappeared. I’m thinking that your not being in print is *not* going to last forever! “what hairballs life throws up on you” I really loved that! A perfect description creatively done and funny as well!

Tam said...

I think in your next book you should try and work the British term "jumper" (my new word obsession) into it somehow. Just today I discovered the origin of the term jumper (British pullover sweater for those unfamiliar). Here is the etymological definition:

1853, apparently from 17c. jump "short coat," also "woman's under bodice," of uncertain origin, perhaps from Fr. jupe "skirt," which is ult. from Ar. jubbah "loose outer garment." Meaning "sleeveless dress worn over a blouse" first recorded Amer.Eng. 1939.

Oh wait, you wanted something NOT mind-numbingly boring. Sorry. My mistake. I still dare ya to make it work. :-D

Amanda Young said...

Jumpers, eh? I doubt I could come up with a long story that revolves around a jumper, but I could probably come up with something short and erotic. A free read maybe...

Let me see what I can think up. Maybe I'll have something for you on my next blog day here.

Amie said...

How about a British guy in the U.S. on a ranch suffering from culture shock and jet lag? He could be a contradiction in stereo types that confuses the hot cowboy. They could have great language barriers, but both speak English; i.e. jumper vs. sweater and rubber vs. eraser and pronunciation issues like “al-u-min-e-um” instead of the U.S. regional pronunciation. Maybe food confusion too? Like the ever famous Spotted Dick or if it’s an Irish guy you could have the cowboy’s favorite drink be a Black & Tan. You could make them flawed, confused and conflicted OR you could make it funny.

Keri said...

While on a trip years ago, my husband was picked up for an unpaid traffic ticket--in a small Texas town. (A really stupid situation, as he could have easily paid the ticket, but decided not to put in the effort.) As I tried to get to him before he was transferred to the big bad city, I met a number of colorful characters, including the receptionist and dispatcher (I kid you not), Johnny Sue. She gave me updates each time we talked about whether my sweetie was behaving himself. Most times he was not.

I picked him up mere hours before he would have been transferred. The first stop we made was at a dumpster, so he could strip and throw away every article of clothing on his body, including his shoes. Guess that's why he wanted me to bring the change of clothes.

He gave me a wonderful picture of his mates in the holding cell. There were the three guys who had been picked up with a bale of marijuana in their trunk--they kept using the pay phone to call customers and apologize for the delay. A young woman had been picked up while walking around downtown and threatening to blow up the courthouse--she also threatened the judge, which didn't go over well. One guy was dirty and sitting all alone in the corner--no one talked to him because they were afraid of what critters might come back with them if they got too close. There was the guy whose girlfriend started pounding on him at the bar (he must of hit back)--he kept calling his wife begging forgiveness while awaiting arraignment. And the girlfriend was in the building, but in a different location, so another altercation wouldn't break out. And finally, my husband--the judge didn't seem impressed with the way he was dressed. Not sure why, go figure.

Who could be mad? I was entertained with a story that could have made a good screenplay or book. Oh yeah, and secure in the fact that I was right--he should've paid the ticket!!!

If I'm ever having a blue Monday, I just remember that 2 hour ride home and I have to smile!

Amanda Young said...

What a great story, Keri. It does sound like something you'd read in a story. :D

Tam said...

Amie, great ideas. Some others that came up today were thongs/flip flops and vest/wifebeater. Although you wouldn't likely be wearing thongs with a jumper, mixing seasons just isn't done. :-D

Amie said...

Thank you Tam! What about inside the house though? You could wear a jumper outside and change into a vest and thongs inside... O_O
On an odd note, my brother only wears one flip-flop inside the house. One of his legs has a shorter bone than the other so that is how he goes barefoot indoors. He's a little wierd so... o_0

Thank you Amanda!

I really was having a brain-dead Monday if I could call you by the wrong name! I'm sorry! (Esp. since I just *re-read* Hunger)

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