Sunday, August 2, 2009

So, here we are in August already. The dog days of summer are definitely upon us. I spent last weekend in the heat of Las Vegas, sunning by the pool and checking out the guys. Since we were at the 21-and-over-tops-optional pool, it was easy to watch them while they were busy trying to scope out the brave women who took off their bikini tops.

Of course, it was also easy to spot the men who had no interest in breasts, because they were busy talking to each other instead. :D It was easy to watch them, too. I talked to a very nice young European boy in the pool who confessed that he was dating one of the male strippers in the Chippendales show. I don't know if I'd pay to see the Chippendales dancers, but I might consider paying to watch this young man with one of them. Then, of course, I was horrified at the paths my mind was traveling while making conversation with this perfectly polite guy. If he'd only known! But hey, he was the one who offered the information.

So, despite losing too much money and staying up too late and drinking too much and inhaling too much secondhand smoke, I sincerely thank Lionel* for unwittingly making my weekend very successful.

*may or may not be his real name

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