Sunday, March 21, 2010

A big "thank you" to the S&B readers :D

Okay, you guys remember my last post, when I was waffling about where to set my next book? And I couldn't decide between Maine, Oregon and someplace else? Well, I've got it now. I decided to set the book on the Oregon coast, on the stretch of coastline between Florence and Coos Bay. It was a tough decision, made only after being FORCED to look at endless pictures of gorgeous landscapes. What a chore! LOL. But, yeah, I loved the look of the Oregon coastline. And it seems that even though the Victorian style of homes isn't nearly as common there, the Italianate style in particular isn't so unheard of that it would be unbelievable.

You guys were AWESOME, with the information and the links and all. Thank you!!

BTW, after all the research I've been doing, I really really want to go to Oregon. I could take it off on my taxes and everything.

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Maia Strong said...

You make me want to road-trip to the Oregon coast. It's been so long since I was there. *sigh*

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