Saturday, March 27, 2010

Super Sneak Preview of Dare and Dare Alike

While at work on a multitude of projects, I hope to finish another Dareville novella, to be called Dare and Dare Alike, for release this summer. As the name implies, there are twins involved, and while it is an M/M work there is no twincest involved. Mistaken identity does come into play, but that's all I intend to give you for now...except for this hot excerpt. Enjoy!

* * * *
from Dare and Dare Alike (c) 2010 Leigh Ellwood

The clothes couldn’t have come off any quicker. Socks, jeans, Jockeys and t-shirts left a jagged trail from the living room to the king-sized bed as Jimmy walked Dar backward all the way, kissing and nipping at each other’s necks. Jimmy tasted of beer and spicy cologne, and once inside the spacious bedroom he detected the faint aroma of something more intoxicating.

No mistaking his deep inhale. Jimmy brushed a thumb over one of Dar’s nipples. “You want to blaze one before we get to it?” he asked, and grazed against Dar’s hip. No mistaking the girth of that legendary beer can, either. Dar looked down to see it bobbing between Jimmy’s legs, getting harder.

Holy cow. For as many times as Dar had seen Jimmy naked, the realization that his thick cock would soon fill him struck. Despite having worked together on photo shoots, he and Jimmy had yet to actually fuck, and the anticipation tightened knots in Dar’s stomach. His anus puckered involuntarily, as though intimidated by the man’s size, yet craving it. He thought perhaps recording this first time might work out as a profitable video—he imagined people would definitely want to see him pop his video cherry with an actual first time session.

Then again, better they play in private now, so Dar could get used to Jimmy and not have to retake video after screaming bloody murder while being impaled.

“S’ok, I prefer to be sober,” he said finally, though silently he wondered if the buzz could relax his muscles a bit. He pulled Jimmy close and smoothed a palm down the other man’s backside. “Man, you’re going to feel good.”

“Likewise.” Jimmy crooked his neck toward the bed, but Dar quietly declined. Instead he lowered to the ground, his knees at Jimmy’s feet, his line of sight even with that delicious, erect cock.

“Damn.” Dar cuffed the base, brushing his pinky against the soft rise of Jimmy’s sac. The tips of his thumb and middle finger just met around the velvet shaft. Truly the man had earned his nickname. He could only hope himself elastic enough to take Jimmy.

Jimmy seemed to read his mind. “Don’t worry, I’ll go easy,” he whispered, raking a hand through Dar’s hair. “I haven’t lost one yet.”

“You must have been popular in high school,” Dar murmured, his lips a breath away from the reddening tip. Ever so slowly, he touched his tongue to the crown for a taste of musky skin.

“That I was,” Jimmy replied on a moan. “Guys, gals, my homeroom teacher Miss MacAllister...they couldn’t get enough.”

Not even the half of it, Dar thought. Literally. As he slowly took Jimmy into his mouth, he realized he wouldn’t get all of the man in at once, despite the six-inch or so length. Dar sufficed with concentrated attention around the tip, swirling and sucking rapidly, and interspersing that with long, teasing licks up and down the shaft. He heard no complaints, and brought one hand around to fondle Jimmy’s ass—mainly to keep the other man steady.

“Sweet mother of mercy, I knew you were good, but damn! You got better.” Jimmy arched his neck back and exhaled his pleasure. “If I’d’a remembered how you know your way around a cock I’d have called you over much earlier.”

Dar leaned back, lightly pumping Jimmy’s cock with his hand. “Like this morning?”

“Like every day since we first met.”

* * * *

Look for Dare and Dare Alike, coming soon!

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