Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I blame the weather.

I'm utterly scattered this week, and I don't have a good excuse for why, so I'm blaming the weather. Spring is here in earnest in the Pacific Northwest and that means insane weather shifts that turn on the proverbial dime. Yesterday I witnessed both light and heavy rain, tiny hail (I heard it was much bigger just an hour or so to the south.), and sun breaks warm enough to fool me into opening a couple of windows...until the rain started again. On top of the climatic wackiness, I'm in tech for my latest show, which means long late nights, lots of studying of lines, and very little time to focus on writing/editing. I'm so looking forward to Monday: time to beta the manuscript a friend sent me; one weekend complete out of a 5-weekend show run; and Opening Day of baseball season! (Of course, considering spring in this region, it's a damned good thing we have a retractable roof on our ballpark!)

I know Tory and Marty are looking ahead to baseball, just like I am. What is everyone else looking forward to this week/weekend? Anything special planned? Spring break? "Excitement, adventure, and really wild things?" (Virtual cookies to the first person to identify that reference. ;-) )


K.A. Mitchell said...

Baseball!! YAY!! Um, what was the question again? Damn, that quote is familiar.

Maia Strong said...

LOL! Yes, I do loves me some baseball. :D

I'll give you a hint: the response to the quote is "Sounds awful."

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