Tuesday, March 9, 2010


What do readers/visitors look for in an author website? What kind of features do you enjoy or find helpful? I only have a pretty basic site right now and I'm pondering an overhaul. Aside from what you like to see, what don't you like in an author website? Or are most people largely ambivalent?

If you have opinions, I want to hear 'em!


s7anna said...

I love an up-to date website with a section dedicated to current releases (perhaps a printable booklist in chronological order), and coming soon releases. I also like author bios...gives me a chance to put a face and identity to the person whose work I'm reading. I also like contests or giveaways...it's always nice to get a treat once in a while.

One of the biggest things is to keep the site super user friendly so that everyone from tech challenged to tech genius can navigate it. I also love additional links pages...where the author has suggestions for other authors or publisher sites that they themselves are interested in.

Websites and blogs are very important in my opinion...I search out a lot of my reading material...I don't just follow a bookseller's list/recommendations or stick to just review sites...I like googling out new authors to fall in love with and a well designed and laid out site provides help in garnering more info about an unknown or known authors work.

One of my biggest pet peeves is Linda Howard's inability to still make available a website for her readers. I mean it would be soo helpful for people to track down her backlist if she kept a site but it's still not happening.

Happy Reading

Amanda Young said...

As a reader, I want to see an up to date book list and, if possible, a coming soon page. It's always nice to see what my favorite authors have in the works.

lyne said...

when i go to an author's site i look for updates updates updates. i am an avid reader on a tight budget so i like to be able to plan.

Keira Andrews said...

Thanks so much for the feedback, everyone!

Just said...

I agree with s7anna. I also like to know where to buy the books from, so a link to where you can buy it is very helpful too.

Keira Andrews said...

Thanks for the feedback! :)

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