Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Vacation, Anyone?

I spent the first week of March in Vegas and I need another vacation to recover from that one. Oi. But besides my car smelling like a casino and discovering the dangerous lure of gambling, I'm feeling pretty good.

Which means I'm still exhausted and I've been spending all my time just lounging and reading. Thought I'd share what was on my back-from-vacay list :)

Beyond Duty by James Buchanan (in the Edge of Desperation antho with Jason Edding)
No Souvenirs by KA Mitchell
Bound and Determined by Jane Davitt & Alexa Snow
Sympathy by Jordan Castillo Price
Blue Fire by ZA Maxfield

So I'm pretty eclectic in what I'm into. What do you like to take on vacation or recover with? Any recs?


Violet Summers said...

I'm grinning because 3 of your 5 were on MY vaycay list in February! 'Course, a couple of those I read wearing my "reviewer" hat, so I had an early start.

Zoe Nichols said...

Sometimes I think about going back to reviewing just for the freebies.

And then I remember that a) reviewing is not for the faint of heart and b) I should probably be writing when reviewing anyway.

Even if I really like reviewing. Hm...

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