Monday, March 15, 2010

Dreams and hotties

Life has been really hectic in my neck of the woods. Besides the usual family obligations and those surprise 'uh, mom' moments, I've been really trying to get the final draft of a story I titled Beautiful Lies (m/f) completed (going thru the edits on the first draft) so I can get it shot off to my editor. However, I've started a sexy little m/m story that has yet to be titled. :) So my muse has been running, now if only my life would allow me time to actually write. *sigh* Not to mention I think I'm finally coming down with that cold that is going around. *ugh*

So, here's some hotties to start your week off right...I know I need them. ;)
I had a dream this past weekend about this hottie. He was running around with lollipops (those old fashioned spiral ones) on his chest and a huge one covering his front. I think I was chasing him wanting to lick the lollipops. LOL

I think flights would be much more pleasant if all pilots looked like this. :P

Couldn't you just drown in these eyes?

Naughty thoughts come to mind with this picture...too bad there's no lollipops on him. LOL


Tam said...

I think I just fell in love with #3. I wish my dreams starred someone as hot as that guy. Usually it's my ex for some weird reason. *shudder*

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

#3's got beautiful eyes but #4 is just begging for me to bounce on the bed next to him and bury my lips in that soft belly!

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