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It seems like it's been forever since I've posted. Which is probably true (thank you for not beating me up about it) but I have to admit, life's been so calm and normal that I haven't had anything to share! I'm sorry. Next time, I'll just give y'all pictures to ogle instead of abandoning you. I promise.

Next time! This time, I come bearing excerpt! YAY! Which seems to be the trend for the last two posts as well so I'm on the right track. The story chunk I'm sharing is the last of a mini series very dear to my heart. The first story of my Asher series is also the first story I ever published. That was three years ago when I was 18! I love saying that. I got to achieve a life goal at 18. How many people can really say that? Also, the title makes me giggle at myself because I can still see my 18 year old self, wide-eyed that the story was even read let alone accepted and thinking there would be no others.

Asher and the Elevator Romp. Can you tell I was thinking one shot? Either way, the characters, particularly Asher, gained a lot of love, bringing up the second story, Asher and the Threesome (subtle, I so am it), followed swiftly by a third, Promise. Promise is a free story but my site is down for redesign and maintenance so unfortunately, I can't link to it right now but you can still read on and come back for it later :) But after Promise came Unreal, which is in the process of being re-released and that's when I realized that I had made a real series here, even if it was a miniature version.

Bear in mind that right up until this last story, all the others had been short shorts. Then came No Man's Land (my title - it could change!). It's to date the longest thing I've written, which for me, is a fantastic accomplishment. It's a lovely-sized novella full of angst and drama and relationship. Wee! So, here it is, the end of my little series that could. Thanks for all the love, folks. The boys and I appreciate it :)

This is an unedited piece - forgive me for errors!

All the booze in my belly roiled into one big ball and shot up. I moaned and started sliding off the couch.

Hector swore, moving toward me but Derek was somehow there first, gathering me up in familiar arms. I snuggled against him out of habit then almost hit him when he ruined it by speaking. “C'mon, princess, don't puke here or you're cleaning it up.”

F-F-Fuck...” I tried to cuss at him but my throat was clogging up with something disgusting and I moaned instead. The room became a blur as Derek ran for the bathroom. My bedroom flashed before me, pitch black save for a gray-blue gleam of moon and snow and city light from the window. Then my bathroom lit up and there, oh there, was the toilet.

Derek set me down and I shoved the lid up just in time. My stomach cramped; I heaved so hard. Squeezing my eyes shut, I gagged until there was no way anything could still be in my stomach....and then I kept gagging. When my body finally stopped trying to turn inside out, I fell backwards onto my butt and Derek flushed the toilet, slapping the lid down as well.

I closed my eyes and leaned my head back until I nudged something solid but kinda bumpy. I peeked, noted the shower door and closed my eyes again before speaking. “'Kay. Maybe I'm a li'l drunker than I thought.”

Ya think?” The whip of sarcasm stung but I was too out of it to care.

Where's Hector?”

Left. Probably to hold his own drunk lover over the toilet,” Derek grunted and his voice was a lot closer than it had been. I cracked my heavy eyelids and found Derek crouching in front of me, frowning hard.

I sighed. I wasn't up to another fight. Not with the nastiness on my tongue. “Please, yell later. Help me brush my teeth?”

I'm not going to yell,” Derek protested but he helped me to my feet. I think we both held back a flinch at the sight of only two toothbrushes in the holder. He got my brush all gelled up since my hands were shaky and it was all I could do to stay upright.

Yesh, oo ar',” I mumbled as I brushed. I spit. “You look ready to bust a nut and not in the good way.” I shoved the brush back in to start the whole process over again.

Standing beside me, clearly ready to catch me if I somehow managed to fuck something this simple up, Derek crossed his arms defensively. “You were only supposed to get your hair taken care of and maybe shoot the shit, not get fucked-up wasted.”

I spat for the last time, put the brush back and cupped my fingers beneath the water. “One, body started hurting and I forgot my pills so I had to do something. Two, I haven't seen Philip in awhile so we got carried away.” I drank some of the water then swished the rest in my mouth before spitting again. Feeling refreshed and actually kinda sober, I shut the water off and turned to grab my towel from the rack. My foot slipped as I moved and Derek grabbed the back of my shirt, saving me from face-planting on the floor.

Okay, yeah, only kinda sober.

Is there a three?” Derek kept hold of me and in resignation, I dried my wet hands on my jeans.

Do you think there is?”

It's never just two reasons.”

No, it never was. I tipped my head forward and sighed. “And three, I'm really, really tired of being mad.”

He reeled me back until my back lined up against his front. Perfect. I'd forgotten how perfectly we fit. “So don't be mad.” Derek nipped my ear and I shuddered on contact. “I'm not mad.”

You were.”

Not anymore.” His tongue dipped into the curve of my ear then slid along the rim, I arched into his touch, startled at the sudden shift in action. But my dick didn't care. It swelled up fast enough to make my wobbly brain even dizzier.

I swallowed, my newly-cleaned mouth going dry. “D-Derek?”

His mouth went from my ear to my neck, his teeth threatening to do more than just graze. I went onto my toes and moaned. “I miss you, Ash.”

Bedroom please,” I whispered, unwilling to argue with whatever change had hit him. If this was an alien in my boyfriend's body, at least it'd still be his dick. Drunk logic, oh yes, it was the best kind.

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