Monday, September 27, 2010

Puppy piles

I was sitting earlier trying to figure out what to blog about today (I'm such a pantser, it's pathedic sometimes - lol) when I realized it was that time of year again. Tory talked about football, I'm on the subject of baseball. I've been watching the NY Yankees since 1996 thanks to my husband...ok, and Derek Jeter too *wink*
But as October closes in the competition gets tight for playoff spots for the World Series. This is also the time I start yelling at the TV like the players can actually hear me *pfft*
This year it's rough. The Yankees and Tampa Rays are constantly switching as to who's going to win their division title. As of tonight, Rays is 1/2 game ahead of Yankees. You'd think that I'd root for the Rays since I've lived in FL for over 20 years, huh? Eh, I like them, just not as much as my Yankees. :) But I'm not too worried as it's looking like they'll both make it to the playoffs.
But really, that wasn't what brought my attention to write about baseball tonight. A commercial showed some past celebration images of previous division and World Series wins.
Have you ever noticed that there's a lot of "Puppy Piles" in baseball? I mean, the guys get soo touchy, happy when they win.

They can't seem to get there fast enough...

Or get high enough to be on top...

Oh, wait, can a puppy pile consist of two guys?

Don't get me wrong, I love seeing this *sigh* Especially live in a baseball stadium right there in front of you, because you know those tight pants really accent many of their behinds *wink*. But gotta say, I like the butt slapping too that the men do.
My question...why don't men do this more often outside of professional sports? lol Too bad they don't.
Everyone have a great week!


Becky Black said...

You need to start watching soccer. Those guys can't keep their hands off each other! :D

ElaineG said...

I have to admit the butt-slapping is a pleasure to watch lol!......I am a Giants fan, and if they weeble wobble with the Padres too much longer, I may have a meltdown *giggles*......sadly I had been admiring Tim Lincecum until my 14 year old god-daughter informed me in her infinite wisdom that I was old enough to be his *gasp* MOTHER! She then proceeded to inform me she is only 9 years younger than he is and she could see them dating when she is 18. I used to love that child *snort*

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