Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I want my M/M TV.

I admit it. I got hooked on a couple of soaps. Solely for the m/m storylines on them, naturally, but still. I got hooked. Only now, one has ended - permanently and so badly that I won't actually watch the end of the story - and the other has concluded its primary, long story arc and is going into the background for a while. So I'm...at a loss. It's not that I must have my soaps. I have lived quite happily without for most years of my life. But I do and will miss that instant gratification that comes from 10 minutes or so nearly every weekday when I got to watch them online. So I'm asking for your help, O Knowledgeable S&B Readers: Where can I go to get my m/m TV fix? Yes, yes, I know we usually talk about books here, and I'm happy for those recommendations, too. But I am an instant gratification junkie. I am a child of the '70s. I need my telly. Help a girl out?


Anonymous said...

I have heard there is a German soap with a strong m/m line and you can watch it online. I think bigboobedcanuck was the one posting about it on LiveJournal, but I'm not sure. One of the people I've friended on Torquere Press's Happy Hour LiveJournal is the one who posts about it. Even if she wasn't the one posting about it, I think she might know what it is. She's a big fan of the soaps you were mentioning. She was ranting about the Luke storyline the other day.

Maia Strong said...

I've been watching the German soap Alles Was Zaehlt online. I love it! But that's the one where the boys are going to be in the background for a while. I'll have to look around LJ to see if I can find the person you mentioned. I know there are other German soaps with gay storylines out there. Just need someone to point the way.

Ah the Luke story on ATWT. Yeah. Ending = made of suck. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

I would check with BBC. You probably already know her. She is one of your fellow Slash & Burn authors. Here is the link to her journal. http://bigboobedcanuck.livejournal.com/

Maia Strong said...

Thanks for the link! I'll check her out. :)

G-Baby said...

Not sure if one of the programs you have been watching is The Eskimo Kiss Project - if not, while they are currently taking a 2 month sabbatical they will definitely be back - and there is plenty of eye candy on you tube of this show - n fact you can watch the entire story line of their m/m couple on you tube - have fun

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