Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'm watching football today! Now, bear in mind that I am not a football "fan", per se. Not in the way that I'm a baseball fan. But I AM a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, seeing as how I originally hail from Pittsburgh, so this morning I'm heading to a local sports bar with my daddy to watch them Stillers play.

Do I have a jersey, you ask? Why, yes I do. It looks like this. I'm a huge fan of the pink, mostly because I love anything that can be girled up. I do have an original black and gold jersey too, but the pink is more me. (The same can be said for my Anaheim Angels jerseys. I have the traditional red one, but I also have a pink one that I wear more often.)

Do I talk about my pink bike jacket here? I wear full gear when I ride on the back of my husband's street bike, but it's more bearable in the heat when I know I'm wearing a pink and white jacket with a little rose on the sleeve.

Anyway, I'm of the opinion that anything that's specifically targeted at men (contact sports, pickup trucks, etc) can be girled up for women. I'm proud to say that I like those things when they're more feminine, although I recognize and respect the fact that not all women like the girled up version of stuff. And that's totally cool with me.

BUT, the interesting thing is that I do not enjoy even a hint of feminism when I write my leading men. No pink for them, no sir. Strong and silent and most of them own 4WD trucks. In black or dark blue.

I'll still be wearing my pink jersey to watch the game today, though.

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