Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pimp a Friend!

This is a crossover from my Livejournal! I'm working on a WIP and some new ideas which means that I'm absolutely boring right now, sorry darlings. So I share with you some of my most recent happy!

My friend Dee's working hard on my site and the new design is so pretty. *snuggles site* I think I love it again. And, it's no longer being hosted by Yahoo! Leaps and bounds of better service and less headache. Furthermore, I don't have to fight with it to do pretty things!

I love having graphic designer buddies! *squishes Dee*

Wee! Which brings me to the next order of business, is anyone interested in having their site revamped? Or creating say...a trailer? Promo ads? I totally want to pimp her. She's good, really good. You can find samples of Dee's work (including my in progress site!) on her company site, Laideebug Digital.

In all seriousness, she's an excellent designer and very hands-on, always available for questions. She's also patient with theme changes and great with suggestions - from you or giving them - and from what I've seen in terms of pricing, she's pretty affordable.

If you go, tell her Zoe says hi!

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