Sunday, September 19, 2010

Movie Night With Ally

So the hubby and the boy-child are watching some movie or other. Something with Nicholas Cage as an arms dealer. I don't know the name of it. It doesn't matter. In one scene, some dude from Liberia gave N.C.'s character a ginormous diamond, I guess as pre-payment for illegal arms. And it BUGGED me, because I'm thinking, what in the nine hells are you gonna do with a diamond the size of your testicle? I mean, seriously, wtf? You can't exactly walk into a bank and cash it in. Hubby says, what about a diamond merchant? Well, yeah, maybe. But wouldn't even a diamond merchant be suspicious if a guy strolls in with a diamond that size and wants to trade it in for cash? Call me cynical, but I'm thinking maybe yes.

This drives my family crazy. The way I pick at movies, that is. But man, those little things just drive me nuts. Of course the big things drive me nuts too -- like the bullets that somehow shoot around corners in that damn Angelina Jolie movie, OMGWTF -- but yeah. The small things make me batshit. And anyone lucky enough to share movie night with me gets to hear ALL about it.

So what's your favorite wtf moment in a movie? What drives you around the bend? What makes you want to throw things at the screen/TV/laptop? Share!


Tam said...

For me it's sloppy gunmanship. Not how they use it because I have no idea, but when cops AND criminals can't hit the broad side of a barn. I was just watching NCIS yesterday and they had MACHINE GUNS shooting 1000 bullets a second and the bad guys are standing BESIDE the car, not behind the door, right out in the open and it took them several minutes before they hit him. Seriously? I've never even HELD a gun and I could have had him down in the first 10 seconds. LOL Usually thought I can go with the flow and ignore it.

Anonymous said...

You mean your family doesn't enjoy discussions during the movie? :) Neither does mine. I got roped into watching "Shooter" (Mark "Yummy" Wahlberg) with my dad over the weekend. He's the only one I know who'll pause the movie, discuss why endless bullets without reloading and being shot twice with little attention to the wounds for three days is ridiculous. Everyone else told us to shut up and just watch the movie. Ah, well. :)

Nik said...

Lol, I hate it when someone crashes through a window and not one single piece of glass cuts them... And all they're wearing is a sleeveless shirt and shorts.. Like wtf? have they ever crashed through a window? because I have and let me tell you, I had to get stitches for some of the cuts I got lol

I also hate it when someone's chasing someone else and they watch them turn right, or left, and when the chaser gets to the same turn he looks left and right.. Like, come on, you just saw the person turn right!!! lol

My brother tried duct tapping my mouth shut one time because I kept voicing my opinions on a movie... Yeah, it's been four years and we haven't seen a movie together since... lmao

Kiki said...

I'm with you, it drives my crazy as a bed bug when they screw up the details.

The two most memorable for me was 1) in ET, the phases of the moon were wrong for the time of year that it was supposed to be and 2) in Places in the Heart, the blind guy is in the kitchen putting a meal together and listening to a ball game on the radio and one of the teams that was playing didn't even exist during the time the movie was supposed to take place in.

Ally Blue said...

Tam, I know, right? The Star Wars effect! LOL. Like when the Storm Troopers are shooting at Luke & Leia (or however you spell her name, I dunno) and they KEEP MISSING! That made me laugh even when I was 12 and in love with that movie :D

Missy, HA, sadly, no, they do not appreciate my commentary. My daughter gives me this withering stare whenever I start in on the cartoons. And no, cartoons are not spared my wrath! Though I have to admit they probably would be if it didn't irritate her so much. Heh.

Nik, I'm so with you, especially on the glass thing. How can you not cut yourself to pieces? PLEASE!
LOL @ your brother! I am NOT showing this to my hubby, he'll get ideas *g*

Kiki, OMG, you'd think someone could at leat Google what year a team was formed, how hard is that?? As far as the moon phases, there's my FAVORITE website for that!
Yeah, I'm a dork :B

ElaineG said...

I am SO not a "comment during the movie person" however, my 7yr old IS....We finally let him watch LOTR Return of the King? And, I seriously wanted to muzzle this child lol! Mom, that guy didn't have a dirty face a second ago....Mom, that was SO fake, NO ONE could shoot that many guys without RELOADING his, here I sit, grinding my teeth, as the boy-child goes all "technical"....simply ruined it for me ;)....maybe I should send him to your house and you two could have the viewing experience you both need? Whaddya say??? Please, cause I wanna watch Star Trek again, and I don't think our mother/son relationship will survive.....really!

Ally Blue said...

Elaine, LOL! Your boy sounds whip-smart :D I totally acknowledge how annoying I am during movies. I'd love to watch LOTR with your boy, we can pick at it together LOL. It's my favorite movie (all three of them!) but I still notice all the little things wrong with it *g*

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