Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dive In!

I know I may be booed for saying this, especially with spring just days away, but I hate the sun. I hate the heat. You might even say I hate the summer. So try not to get too confused when I say that every June through August I can usually be found high up in a lifeguard chair, my Ray-Bans scanning a glittering swimming pool. And yes, I do still hate sun, heat and summer. But, as I am fond of pointing out, how else but as a lifeguard could I get paid to sit at the pool all summer getting a tan? When it rains and is cold, as it so often is in the great Northeast, I lock myself in the pool office and write about things much hotter than a humid day.

I’m also a lifeguard instructor. Once during training, I had one of those what if moments that all writers love to have pop into their brains. I was watching a particularly fetching male lifeguard trainee performing CPR on the dummy, his broad wet chest rising and falling, and there it was. What if? What if the instructor watching had a previous relationship with the guy doing the thrusting—on the dummy? It would be pretty hard to stop thinking about other kinds of thrusting.

That little what if marinated in my head for a year or two until it became my new Samhain release Diving in Deep. Cameron, the instructor, is trying very hard to forget the night that he let wedding champagne and the flattering attention of Noah’s crush override the part of his brain that told him sleeping with his best friend’s little brother was a bad plan. Now Noah, all wet—and grown up a lot since then—is the one with the powerful chest rising and falling with the thrusts of those rippling arms. Suddenly, CPR is sexier than Cameron ever thought possible and he finds himself trapped between a rock and a hard…place. As for Noah, who wouldn’t want a do-over with the one that got away? The one you’ve been comparing all your other lovers to?

Noah and Cameron were a lot of fun to write about. The biggest problem they gave me was not getting out of bed long enough to work on their issues. Now Noah’s friend Joey wants his own book. (Actually he’s kind of demanding.) I’m getting there, honey. And have I got the man for you.

To read more about Noah and Cameron, you can find the PG-13 excerpt at the Samhain website or for something with a little more steam, come on over to my website.


Maia Strong said...

You'll hear no booing from me. I, too, am quite anti summer. Never mind I spent the last three doing Shakespeare in the parks. But I'll put up with almost any weather for the chance to swordfight and speak in iambic pentameter. And of course, this also leads to what ifs that must be written, and who could resist that? :)

Tory Temple said...

I would never boo where you could hear it. ;) But I love summer, right down to the blazing heat and the astronomical electric bill from the air conditioning. And you have a GREAT summer job!

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