Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oh, for the love of...

Why is it, when I try to work on one thing, plot bunnies pop up out of nowhere?

Here I am, trying to finish up one thing that's due Saturday (just a short story), plus edits on the sequel to The Prince's Angel. Out of nowhere, I get nailed with several plot bunnies: gem smugglers and biochemists, accountants running from hitmen while driving cops insane -- you name it, they're there.

Where do they come from? Not a clue. Usually, story ideas come from music, TV, movies, random things I see/hear online and in real life... But these? I'm at a loss. LOL

So, if you're an author, where do YOUR ideas stem from? If you're a reader, what are some pairings (in terms of characters) that you'd like to see?


Maia Strong said...

Lately my ideas are coming from things I love. The novel I recently finished drafting is based in a theatrical company. The story percolating in my head invovles a woman who runs a coffee plantation/roastery. (Oy, and I didn't even realize that pun until I reread the sentence. LOL)

Liz said...

*chuckles* And here I thought the pun was intentional. ;)

Same here, really. A picture of a nice sword alone will spark all sorts of armor/mail-clad bunnies.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, can I say how excited I am for the sequel of TPA. Excited, I say.

Moving on.

As a reader, I love best-friends turned into lovers. However would love something with a strong plot you know? Not the usual dribbles that lead into sex after five pages.

Paranormal fan, so love the whole werewolves love story. Would probably love to see a different twist on the genre however. A lot are just carbon copies of each other. However the author Mya attempted an original way to play with her werewolf and vampire in her novel 'An Unnatural Worth'

Love to read some serious bad boy vampires, without the vampires ending up in orgies.

If you've read Sharon Maria Bidwell's 'Snow Angel' and the short sequel 'Angel Heart' love that idea for contemporary. Interesting, complex and honest. I totally recommend those two stories, for people who are looking for a genuine plot.


P.s. hot cop stories? Yes please. Plus hot firemen stories? Yes please. Tory Temple is probably my saviour in that department.

Liz said...

Thanks! :D Yep, TPA sequel incoming--July, to be exact. And both it AND TPA will also go into print then.

I love best friends-turned lovers stories, too. I've done a few shorts like that.

And bad boy vamps? Oh, man... You'll love Triarius, especially his novel--Inferi Brotherhood--that I'm currently writing. Details his rise to power. He originally appeared in the novella "Beneath the Mask" as part of the Spiked antho.

And I hear ya on Tory. Have you read James Buchanan's Cheating Chance?? Brandon and Nicky...ohhhhh, yeah.

Thanks for the feedback!

Anonymous said...

Ah, print too? You make this girl happy. July will be a happy month for me ♥!

I love best friends-turned lovers stories, too. I've done a few shorts like that.

Please be linking :D :D

I have the Spiked anthology. I am so excited now. I love bad boy vampires, like Spike. But even though he was all twisted and bad. He loved Drusilla and well that's what I liked to read but with a m/m setting. Something else to look forward too.

Tory is in my top-five favourite authors of all time. I kid you not. That woman is crazy talented.

I haven't read Jade Buchanan's 'Cheating Chance' I'm going to get that soon. Along with:

1. Quod Tam Sitio by A.M. Riley
2. Eye Candy by Amanda Young
3. Memories Erased by M.E. Reid
4. A Strange Place in Time by Alyx Shaw
5. Untamed Heart by Ally Blue
6. The Regent's Night by J.M. Snyder

You're welcome!


Liz said...

Those are all in my TBR pile, too. :D

But yeah, I highly recommend James Buchanan's Cheating Chance. ;)

As for best friend story linkage:

Liz said...

Okay, that didn't work. LOL

Go to

Look under my name (in the drop-down menu in the catalogue) for Don't Let Go and Whispers From Beyond.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Will be getting them asap.


Maia Strong said...

*chuckles* And here I thought the pun was intentional. ;)

Sadly no. lol

A picture of a nice sword alone will spark all sorts of armor/mail-clad bunnies.

Absolutely. It's a little scary sometimes how an image will get stuck in my head and won't go away, sometimes even after I've written the story it demands.

Liz said...

*nods* I know that feeling VERY well. LOL

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