Saturday, June 7, 2008

Back in Black

Remember me?

Hello, I am Leigh Ellwood, author of erotic romance for Phaze Books, Samhain Publishing, and Liquid Silver Books. I write all manner of romances, and offer a fair amount of manlovin'. I had posted regularly on this blog in the past, but had to drop out to take care of editing and publishing responsibilities. My last publication was actually last year with 2007's Surveillance, a Phaze Force HeatSheet that was M/M and continues to do well. I'm happy to report my next original work will also be M/M, as part of the Phaze Urban series. Why, Why, Zed? has a launch date of 7/7. Lucky number for me, I'm hoping.

Anyway, here is the blurb for YYZ, as I affectionately call it:

A cryptic phone call to Cameron "Zed" Zedmore's cell reveals a plot to steal away Zed's live-in love, Nick. Devestating the thought of infidelity is, Zed realizes he can't blame Nick for being tempted to stray, as Zed's work has kept him in the lab, and out of their bed, for long hours.

Nick loves Zed, but isn't crazy about being a "house husband" anymore. He has needs Zed won't meet, and when another friend offers help in that department, Nick is tempted to accept. But then Zed comes home early...

Reading the blurb might lead one to think this is going to end in some kind of kinky menage. I have nothing against the kink, but this is actually one committed couple, HEA, with a surprise twist! Ooooooh! Well, it's finally in edits now, and I hope the manlove readers like it. It's HeatSheet size, so two bucks for a bang. The Phaze Urban line is a hot series where each story takes place entirely in a major city. YYZ is the fifth one to come out, I believe. And if you can believe this - the first four out now are M/M, too! I think it's just a coincidence, but the stories are really catching on.

Glad to be back, and hope to have more manlove news for you soon!


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