Sunday, June 29, 2008

Beach bunnies?

The family and I are currently at the beach for a week of hardcore R&R, and as usual, plot bunnies are rampant. Not a whole lot of actual eye candy (depending on your definition of "eye candy", of course) but I keep seeing gay lurve all over the place.

Two guys walking down the beach? They MUST be wishing they had the nerve to hold hands like they really want to.

Two guys riding bikes down the beach and nearly breaking their necks trying to stare at two pretty girls? Why, they weren't ogling the girls, they were clearly lusting over the frat boys a few feet away.

One older man and two young men walking down the beach? Master and two sex slaves. Duh.

And then there was the story my MIL's friend told about her 34 year old nephew who just doesn't want to date, keeps saying "not interested" about any woman he meets. Has NEVER dated (as far as his family knows) but two women in his life. MIL's friend guesses he just is picky or doesn't particularly want to be tied down. Which could very well be true, but, well, y'all KNOW what my theory is. Not that I told her that. Not my business. But I already have her nephew's story brewing in my head O_O

I know I'm not alone in seeing hidden manlove all over the place. So do tell about the last time YOU saw two or more men in the same general vicinity and decided they MUST be doin' it *g*


JenB said...

Every time I watch baseball. And every time I see a tabloid photo of Chace Crawford and that other dude from Gossip Girl. Their body language is very in sync.

And then there's every day at work...which probably doesn't count 'cause over a third of my clients are gay, so I *know* a lot of 'em are doin' it. ;)

Ally Blue said...

Hmmm, mayhap I should check out this Gossip Girl...

JenB said...

I've never watched Gossip Girl (though there are gay characters), but there are tons of tabloid pics of Chace and his co-star (and real life friend and roommate) Ed Westwick. Just Google "chace crawford ed westwick". Here's one:

*sigh* So pretty.

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