Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My 75-year-old father refers to my writing as "romance for guys." He's never read any of it (nor has my mother, although she wants to), because there are some things you just don't want your parents reading. Rimming and blow jobs certainly qualify. (Not that I'm opposed to them reading about these practices in general, just not when I'm the writer!)

Dad and I have never really discussed my writing in detail, and he doesn't quite understand that gay romance isn't just for guys, but for women, too. All of us here know that both straight and lesbian women enjoy male gay romance/erotica, but I don't think the older generation (generally speaking) understands. I wonder if, as time goes by, it'll become more and more normalized. I remember lending my Queer as Folk DVDs to a female friend who later admitted in whispered tones that she found the sex scenes hot. It'll be interesting to see how loud the whispers become in the mainstream world in the years to come.

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