Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy Friday!

Special shout-out to all the other June bugs that have birthdays this month including the new member of Barb's family (an adorable baby boy!), Jet, Zehavit, and moi :P~.

Inspired by Barb's post about her DVD find, "Shock to the System", I've been prowling around Amazon for some new vids. I snagged a copy of that one and loved it! I'm not even that big a mystery fan, but the chemistry between the actors is great and the storyline gripped me. Definitely a must-see! I also snagged these two:

Shelter Harry and Max

Okay, I can see a few of you guys raising eyebrows at Harry and Max because the movie does have some...controversial elements...but those boys sure are cute. IMO, they can explore their brotherly love anytime!

Does anyone have any other good movie recs? I've been warned to stay away from "Dante's Cove" because of all the cheeze factors, but maybe I've heard wrong. :)


Amanda Young said...

I just bought Shelter, and am anxiously awaiting it's arrival. Another couple of good DVDs to try are Long Term Relationship, and The Trip. They're both really good.

Personally, I like Dante's Cove. It is cheesy, but the yummy nakedness makes it worth watching.

Anne Cain said...

No one told me there would be yummy nakedness. Forget the naysayers, I'm checking it out! "Long Term Relationship" looks sweet and fun, so that's going into my shopping basket while I'm at it. *rubs hands together*

Let me know what you think of Shelter! I'll try to watch it this weekend if I can get some 'me time'. :)

Barbara Sheridan said...

The Harry & Max plot sounds pretty neat, I love character driven movies but the big question is how close do those bros get?

*is a prev*

Alex Draven said...

Lord knows what it says about me, but it's not the 'brotherly love' that bothers me in Harry and Max it's the way it's just so hysterically badly written! (although if you listen to the director's commentary, most of the weirdness of the dialogue is explained by the writer/director's speech patterns, and the part where the actors swapped lines at one point and no one noticed.) Did you brave the deleted scenes? They don't add much to the sense, but they are funny.

Keira Andrews said...

Harry and Max was definitely...interesting. Incest isn't my thing, but the movie had a few worthy moments. I liked the actors.

I keep hearing raves about Shelter, so I'll check it out soon. Thanks!

JenB said...

I absolutely *loved* SHELTER. In fact, I wrote a 5-star review of it on my blog ( I also wrote a post there about another surfer boy movie called TAN LINES. That movie sucked, but there's a list of non-sucky movies on that post as well. LATTER DAYS is another good one, but that one messed with my head. QUINCEANERA is good too.

JenB said...

Also try THE CONRAD BOYS. The main guy is kind of a twink, but the makeout scenes are hot. BOY CULTURE is supposed to be great as well. But SHELTER is my favorite gay movie by far.

And what about TV shows? The first season of QUEER AS FOLK is hotttt (later seasons get into "serious stuff" and aren't as fun for me). TORCHWOOD is good, though the M/M thread doesn't start 'til somewhere in Season 2 and so far I've only started Season 1.

Keira Andrews said...

jenb, there is m/m in Torchwood S1. I happened to catch the finale on TV and was immediately entranced by the men kissing. :D

JenB said...

Oh, cool, Keira! Thanks for telling me that. Gives me a reason to keep watching it. :)

I just finished QUINCEANERA. It was a pretty good movie--especially if you're familiar with Mexican American culture, then it's like coming home--but there's not much M/M in it. That part is a secondary storyline.

Anne Cain said...

JenB~! I was just checking out your blog and skimmed through the movie reviews (which are awesome, btw). With the sale that Amazon is having in honor of June being GLBT pride month (yay!), I was seriously thinking about getting Tan Lines. Thanks so much for the warning! *removes from shopping cart*

Which version of QAF are you talking about? I have season 2 of the US version (does anyone else notice that Brian looks a little bit like Cap'n Mal Reynolds from Firefly??), and I *like* the characters, but there's just something about the show that doesn't let me fall head-over-heels in love with it. But I hear the original UK version of QAF is supposed to be fantastic, so I'm anxious to get my mitts on a copy.

Torchwood is frickin' awesome. I've had a bad case of Barrowmania since April, and I'm still obsessing over his CDs. :/

JenB said...

I've only seen the U.S. version. Haven't been able to get my hands on the U.K. version yet. And I only like the first season of QaF 'cause it's fun and sexy and not so serious.

And I just found out that one of my clients at work owns a part of Funnyboy Films (Latter Days, Naked Boys Singing), so I'm sure I'll have more recommendations soon.

Anne Cain said...

Thanks, JenB! I can't wait to see what other good finds you come across. :D

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