Friday, June 27, 2008

June 30th

Mark your calendars people! On June 30th Anne and I have an interview going up at Jessewave's blog and there will be prizes involved:

Prizes will be awarded drawn from those who log on and comment on the interview or book review.

A free e-book download from Anne's and Barbara's library of files
1 T-shirt
1 signed poster or print
$5 LooseId gift certificate

Last but not least-- a GRAND PRIZE -- An original Anne Cain drawing or portrait -- to be commissioned by the winner. To be eligible for the grand prize just leave a comment on the blog!

Go HERE to check out the sneak peek preview of a very cool new painting Anne did.


Anne Cain said...

*wibbles* If no one stops by to say hello on Monday, Anne is going to be really sad and will try to drown her sorrows in a pint of Ben and Jerry's cookie dough ice cream. Someone, please, save her before she can't squeeze into her favorite pair of jeans!


Yeah, I know I'm a goofball...

Lily said...

Anne and Barbara,

Great interview, just finished reading it and the artwork shown is just fab. Thanks to both of you for the hours of pleasure I have gotten from reading your books and Anne your art is a feast for the eyes, YUM. *grins* :}


Anne Cain said...

((((Lily)))) Thank you so much! Your comment here and on the interview really make my night. *hugshugs* It's wonderful to know our stories and my artwork have brought a smile to your day! :D

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