Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ally has a happy!

Okay, so I spend a leeeeetle too much time on LOLcats. Never mind that. Ally feels the Happy Happy Joy Joy today because I've finally, FINALLY, finished Where The Heart Is and turned it in to my editor. Yay!

For those who aren't aware, Where The Heart Is is Dean Delapore's story. Dean's the hottie who almost stole the second Bay City Paranormal Investigations book right out from under Sam and Bo, and now he's finally getting his own HEA. Soooo, now I am without deadline pressure for the first time in probably years. It is good timing, as my girl-child will be moving into the college dorm on Saturday and I'm off work all but one day this week, so now I'll have extra time to spend with her before she leaves.

Happy happy Ally :D


JenB said...

So this is the one where all three boys hook up and have hot three-way sex, right? Riiiiiiight? ;)

(Congrats on finishing another great project...even if there aren't any orgies. *grumble*)

Anonymous said...


Is this a m/m one?

Ally Blue said...

Yes, another tale of gay lurve, naturally :D But not a Sam/Dean/Bo threeway, JenB, sorry *g* Just Dean and his guy he finds and falls for. You can always go back and read the Fireworks short on FWF. Or, hey, write some fanfic!

JenB said...

Oh dear, you don't want me to write fanfic. It would be terribly warped and would end up more like a Harold and Kumar comedy than romance. LOL

I need to catch up on the series so I'll be ready for this one.

Or...does it stand on its own pretty well?

Amanda Young said...

That pic is so cute, Ally. When do you expect Dean's book to come out? Any word yet?

Ally Blue said...

Jen, this one stands completely on its own. I mean obviously Dean's in the other books, and this one has a couple of cameos from the BCPI regulars, but you don't need to know anything at all about the series to read this book :D

Amanda, thanks! I'm totally hooked on LOLcats (and dogs). I'm such a hopeless dork :B
Where The Heart Is comes out January 27, from Samhain :D

Ally Blue said...

Oh, and I LIKED Harold and Kumar! It was awesome!

JenB said...

Oh, sweeeet...I'll definitely read this one even if I haven't caught up with the rest of the series. Awesome.

Ally Blue said...

**hugs for Jen**
Hope you like it :D

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