Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I've Been Through the Brainstorming on a Character with No Name

Hey, character in my head? Could we settle on a name already?

I already know a lot about you. I know your personality, profession, attitude about relationships—even your dick size. I know you’re tall with red hair and green eyes, and that you freckle and burn before you tan. I know better than you what you like in bed. You’re going to be pleasantly surprised, trust me. But I don’t know your name.

We’ve been through countless websites, all my baby name books, and harassed anyone unfortunate enough to start a conversation with me.

The thing is, sweetie, I know what name you want and you can’t have it. In the book world, unlike the real word, characters can’t have similar names. In real life, I’ve known same gender couples who are Beth and Beth, Kathy and Cathy, Dave and Dave and Tyler and Ty. But in the book world it’s hard on readers when characters’ names even start with the same letter. And honey, there are established characters in this series with names too close to the one you think is yours. You’re going to be hanging out with Joey and Aaron later, so Jamie just won’t do. Despite what non-writers think (and try to tell me) I have no control over the people in my head. You’re probably more stubborn than I am but I beg you let it go.

Since you can’t have Jamie, what do you want? Jae Sun Kim, your incredibly sexy, funny and smart hero, is waiting and he’s got exactly what you’re looking for (even if you don’t know it yet.) You just need to pick a name, preferably something Celtic.

While I have the stage, I’d also like to thank my fellow bloggers for the slash goggles I now wear when I watch sporting events. The Toronto Blue Jays pitching staff was especially friendly last night. Those weren’t even bro hugs, guys. Those affectionate embraces had full out body contact.


Anne D said...

Ciaran (pronounced Keran i think) has always been a favorite of mine

Anonymous said...

I've always been fond of Finnian.

Amanda Young said...

Try this site. You may find something here.

JenB said...

Cian (KEE-an)
Colin or Collin

K.A. Mitchell said...

Thanks, guys! You all rock! See, character in my head, people want you to pick a name.

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