Sunday, November 9, 2008

Blogger's Block

I woke up today and saw my notification that it was my day to blog and I froze. I honestly did not have a thought in my head that I considered good enough to put here. My week was filled with big victories and big losses. I voted for Obama and won. I voted against Prop 8 and lost. It's been a very emotional few days here in the US, and for other countries as well.

But one thing that always, always makes me get my priorities in order are pictures of hot boys with sand all over their bodies. So, in lieu of a real post this morning, have a picture. I promise to be back in two weeks with more scintillating content. ;)


Keira Andrews said...


I'm sorry, what were you saying?

Sarah said...


K.A. Mitchell said...

Living in NY I couldn't vote against Prop 8, but the results left me feeling like I didn't get invited to the party. Hopefully, looking at your pretty picture will help me put my anger and frustration aside and get back to the fun of guys rolling in the sand together.

Tory Temple said...

Keira- I don't remember.

Sarah- Agreed, x2.

KA- There was much frustration here as well, especially because the margin was so narrow. I'm hopeful it will be overturned.

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