Friday, November 7, 2008

Music to help the muses

I love pretty much anything when it comes to music, and shamelessly too! There's something about music that really helps spur creativity--it inspires through the emotions invoked in a powerful song or a sweet melody, while something with a fast, exciting beat keeps me going when I feel tired and tempted to quit. I've spent hours in second-hand shops scouring the CD bins to add to my collection, and Amazon's mp3 store has become my new best friend. As a result, I'm bopping my head along to this weird mix of songs and instrumentals by Yoko Kanno, Within Temptation, Creed, Buck Tick, Lifehouse, Staind, Queen, Seal, MercyMe, John Williams, Sarah McLachlan, Blue October, Verve...and the list goes on! Crazy, yeah?

So what tunes do you like to groove too? How about favorite movie scores? Don't laugh, but the score for Conan the Barbarian is GREAT for listening too while working on fantasy art. ;)


Katrina Strauss said...

In the past, I've listened to The Sisters of Mercy, Depeche Mode, or Gary Numan while writing. (I even, erm, borrowed a Sisters' song title for the first Blue Ruin book.) Lately, the band of choice for Le Muse is HIM. Ville Valo's voice is the sex -- not to mention Ville has inspired two different characters.

Anne Cain said...

HIM~! oh wow, I haven't thought of Ville in a while, and I loooooove his voice. :D "Join Me in Death" is just one of those songs that's all goth but pop and rocky at the same time. *g* It's like the perfect vampire song!

Barbara Sheridan said...

You know a lot of what I like. ^_^ I also like Nickelback, Staind, Genesis and assorted other stuff too numerous to mention.

For soundtracks there are a couple on the Lost Boys soundtrack especially the theme Cry Little Sister and I also love The Last Samurai. A Small Measure of Peace is wonderful and the energy of the bunch of guys doing that kiai near the end is awesome.

Sarah said...

Conan? heh.
It is coming into summer here in NZ so am listening to Shapeshifter quite a bit - a NZ drum and base group. Also a bit of Massive Attack, David Bowie, The Killers and Kings of Leon. Eclectic!

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