Monday, December 29, 2008

Amanda's Year In Review...

I’ve stolen the idea to do a year in review from the lovely and talented Katrina Strauss’s blog. Something about seeing what I’ve done for the last twelve months in black and white just thrills me. I suppose I’m easily amused. *laughing*

So here it is, my year in review:

Published in 08:
Eye Candy
GWM Wanted
Precious Ache
Reckless Seduction
Secrets & Lies

Something More
Temperature’s Rising anthology

Contracted for 09:
The Hard Truth (sequel to Secrets & Lies)
Furtive Liaison - M/M
Don’t Look Back - M/F
Reckless Behavior (sequel to Reckless Seduction)

After Sunset - M/M - a short story in the upcoming Cruising for Bad Boys anthology
Don’t Look Back - M/F
Furtive Ache - M/M

Out for submission:
A Kinky Orgasm - M/M

Naked Longing - M/F
Gone, but not forgotten (tentative title) - M/M/M
Chaos (tentative title) - M/M

On the backburner for 09:
The Honey Pot series (big men, bigger hearts) - M/M
The Chicken Ranch series (male brothel) - M/M

That looks like a lot, I know, but I do write full time these days thanks to a very patient husband who doesn’t mind his wife having a built-in laptop, more often than not. Here’s to hoping 2009 will be an even better year. I hope everyone reading this blog is well and doing something that fulfills them as much my writing does for me.


Sarah said...

Happy New Year Amanda! Looks like a busy year ahead and I must say the male brothel looked like an intriguing one. O-o

JenB said...

Wow, you've been busy!! :)

Which one of the 2009 books has the rubber ducky in it? I'm really looking forward to that one.

Amanda Young said...

Sarah - Thanks and back atcha. It's been a great year for me professionally. :)

Jen - You're just dying to know what's up with the rubbery ducky, aren't you? lol. It's in Furtive Liaison, which comes out in Feb., so you don't have too much longer to wait. :)

XanFactor said...

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JenB said...

Philippines hottest...woohooo!!! lol

Amanda, I *think* I know what's up with the rubber ducky, and I like the way you write that type of story (is it anything like Sins of the Past?), so I'm VERY excited about Furtive Liaison. :)

Of course, even if I'm totally wrong about it, it still sounds good. I can't go wrong with a rubber ducky!! lol

Amanda Young said...

Hmm... well, I will admit the story is part of the Double Identity Pax at Amber Quill. Also, it isn't one of those creepy vibrating rubbery duckys. Those things just weird me out. Who wants to have sexy time with something that looks like a kid's toy? lol.

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