Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cowboys, country boys, best friends, and happy endings

Wow. This year has gone by quickly. It still feels like April or May to me, and December's almost over. O.o

I've got the perfect ending to it, too. I've got two things coming out before the end of this month--both from Torquere Press.

First up, Saturday morning sees the release of my Nice holiday Sip, "Don't Let Go". It's a short story of two best friends who finally realize there's much more than just friendship simmering beneath the surface.

Then I have Hearth & Home 3: Beginnings, coming out Dec. 29th. This is the final installment to my Hearth & Home Chaser series, starring Robbie Sexton and Seth Ellis, my beloved tattoo artist and his Texan cowboy. They deserve their happy ending, and they get it. :)

And now, for your reading pleasure, here's a little taste of "Don't Let Go"...


Heat washed over Dustin when the warmth of Jason’s breath met his skin. Dustin froze in mid-stir, the metal from the spatula warming as he held it over the cooking hamburger. Something soft brushed his neck and Dustin quickly realized it was Jason’s mouth, those fine lips moving over his flesh.



“Wh-what are you doing?”

Jason plucked the spatula from Dustin’s hand and cupped Dustin’s face, turning his head to meet a calm, confident blue gaze. “Something I should’ve done instead of letting you go out with that son of a bitch,” he said, seconds before his mouth covered Dustin’s in a deep, thorough kiss.

Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck... This was so not happening, not... Oh, dear God, he tastes so fucking good.

Not sure where the hell to put his hands, Dustin just stood there, arms limp at his sides as his best friend plundered his mouth with a determined, questing tongue. Holy Mother of God, he was so hard, it hurt.

“You can touch, you know,” Jason muttered.

“Huh?” Dustin blinked, then moaned as Jason’s mouth moved down over his neck. Wha...?

“Touch. Me.” Jason nipped Dustin’s throat, setting off a lightning spark straight to his crotch.

“Jason.” Dustin finally managed to get his brain working again and caught Jason’s head in his hands. “What are we doing? I don’t want to fuck up our friendship, man.” No matter how bad I fucking want you.

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